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Perfect Escapes

Prevent Peril in Paradise: The Savvy Traveler’s Guide
by Amy Rothenberg, ND

(This article first appeared in Homeopathy Today, the monthly magazine of the National Center of Homeopathy in Spring 2010, Vol. 30, No. 1. For more information on joining the NCH and subscribing to Homeopathy Today, click here.)

All journeys, even travels for pleasure, have their challenges: changes in environment, diet, and schedules can act as stressors that trigger susceptibility to illness.

As crocuses begin to poke their heads through the melting snow and robins start to sing again, many people’s thoughts turn toward travel—college students planning for spring breaks, families plotting out summer getaways, individuals dreaming of artists’ retreats, and couples anticipating that long overdue romantic escape. Adventures like these are exciting! They get us out of our ruts and give us fresh perspectives on our lives.

Amy & Paul in Tavertet, Spain

I am personally grateful to have had the chance to see much of the world, both for fun and for work, and my grown children have created similar opportunities for themselves. When we travel, I like to pack a small set of natural health supplies to have on hand. True, you’re likely to find such supplies at whatever destination is on your boarding pass or plugged into the GPS these days. But when you’re injured or not feeling well, who wants to strike out looking for a pharmacy, market, or natural food store to put your hands on a particular item?

Over the years, I’ve also been privileged to help many a globe-trotting patient prepare for and deal with health-related travel issues. I’d like to share my recommendations with you, too—so tuck this article away somewhere, and pull it out when you’re next heading off on a trip!

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