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Dr. Rothenberg posts periodically on topics related to natural medicine on her own website, as well as:


Dr. Amy Rothenberg’s Blog: FieldNotes from Natural Medicine – Life through the lens of my beloved field of medicine

Dr. Paul Herscu’s Epidemic Update Blog: A blog for the sole purpose of hosting Dr. Herscu’s timely epidemic updates. Also on this site, you’ll find archive links to the timely updates he’s sent out since 2001; from the Anthrax Scare, to the Swine Flu, the tainted dog food issue, the issues surrounding radiation after the Japanese earthquake, and all the various other seasonal epidemics in between. Most recently he has written extensively on the current pandemic.

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Enjoy our archive of many of the other articles published by Drs. Rothenberg and Herscu as well as further reading from their practice website. Also enjoy Reflections, samples of creative nonfiction by Dr. Amy Rothenberg.

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