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Studying with us in person is the best, most comprehensive learning experience you can have through the New England School of Homeopathy.  Or you might be able to catch either Dr. Paul Herscu or Dr. Amy Rothenberg at any one of their scheduled speaking appearances in the USA or abroad.   However, for those of you that are unable to study with us in person, the links below will provide an opportunity for to you to get a better idea of Cycles & Segments and a little taste of Drs. Herscu & Rothenberg’s unique teaching styles.

From Our Recorded Audio Archive:

Take this opportunity to hear Drs. Herscu and Rothenberg speak on a variety of topics.


Join Drs. Amy Rothenberg & Paul Herscu for a FREE WEBINAR: Holism At The Heart Of Homeopathy, A Case Illustration. In this one hour webinar from January 20, 2016, they present an overview of their approach to homeopathic case taking and analysis using Cycles & Segments and illustrate using a case example. A mini lecture on the materia medica of Lac caninum also included! VIEW NOW!

Carrying a Patient Over Time with Amy Rothenberg ND, DHANP and Paul Herscu ND, MPH, DHANP. Join Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu for a one hour webinar discussing the case over time of a 4 year old boy with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), looking also in-depth at the Map of Hierarchy and the treatment of ASD.

Cycles & Segments 12 hour Home Study Course with Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu:  Enjoy a DVD recording of the webinar series that was sponsored in the fall of 2011 by Whole Health Now.  This is a thorough introduction to Cycles & Segments and how it impacts case taking, case analysis as well as the study of materia medica.  This would make a terrific refresher if you’re feeling rusty, a good review in general and an accessible introduction to someone new to the field.


Eugénie Krüger’s Homeopathy Hangout Podcast Ep 203: Cycles and Segments – with Paul Herscu  Want to break free from the burden of memorization and embrace a more streamlined approach to homeopathy? Get ready for an enlightening episode with renowned homeopath Dr. Paul Herscu as we explore the fascinating concept of cycles and segments. Discover how this innovative approach revolutionizes the practice of homeopathy, simplifying the process of analyzing patient case histories and remedy descriptions. Dr. Herscu takes us on a captivating journey, sharing insightful stories and shedding light on the transformative power of cycles and segments in the world of homeopathy.

Eugénie Krüger’s Homeopathy Hangout Podcast Ep 142. You’ve finished your Cancer treatment – now what? With Dr Amy Rothenberg. Have you ever thought of the role of homeopathy in the care of cancer survivors? In this episode, Dr. Amy Rothenberg will discuss the value of natural medical approaches, including homeopathy, in addressing both acute and chronic conditions, as well as the effects of conventional cancer treatment. Additionally, she will discuss her book, “You Finished Treatment, Now What?” a guide for natural medicine and lifestyle approaches to address health issues that remain after cancer treatment and lower the risk of recurrence.

Cancer U Podcast  In honor of Dr. Rothenberg’s book launch, here’s a fun video session with Andrea Wilson Woods from Cancer U who invited her on her show for some conversation and Q&A. They covered a lot of ground about Amy’s own cancer story and how it dovetails with her beloved work with patients. Enjoy! (September 26, 2022)

Creating Lasting Health – Stress, Exercise & Diet for Living! Podcast on the “The Confidence Sessions” with Paula Shepard. What does it take to live a long healthy life? In this episode, Dr. Amy Rothenberg shares how a combination of stress management, increasing exercise and smart diet choices can support you in creating lasting health by harnessing the natural ability that your body has to heal. Cancer has touched the lives of so many people. Dr. Rothenberg’s latest book focuses on creating lasting health once in recovery from cancer treatment. Through her work and countless medical studies, she has found that supporting a thriving life is based on the same few easy to implement ideas. August 5, 2022

Dying is inevitable – living WELL is a choice Podcast on “All Things Relatable: A place where stories are shared” with Candace Dunaway. Dr Amy Rothenberg shares her journey into Naturopathic medicine and how she has been able to practice for over 30 years without being in a constant state of burnout. Amy shares a few simple things that anyone can do to improve their health and how we can start with small changes. Amy also touches on her journey through cancer which led to her new book, which is coming out very soon, You Finished Treatment, Now What? -A Field Guide for Cancer Survivors. July 19, 2022

A Field Guide for Cancer Survivors Podcast on “Five To Thrive Live” with Dr. Alschuler. Dr. Amy Rothenberg, naturopathic doctor and cancer survivor, shared what she experienced and what she has learned from her experience. She covered how to talk with your oncologist, the most important ways to reduce cancer risk, and how to empower yourself in the face of cancer. June 8, 2022

Medical Myths, Legends & Fairytales Dr. Amy Rothenberg joins Dr. Alan Christianson on his podcast to address the myth that once you finish cancer treatment, everything will be just fine. But in truth, many survivors do not feel well and carry tremendous worry about recurrence. Dr. Rothenberg will share a roadmap for lifestyle and natural medicine approaches that address health challenges that persist after cancer care and help reduce the risk of recurrence. September 12, 2022

TalkToMeGuy radio show (starts at 5 minute point) As a guest of Richard Olson, Dr. Rothenberg speaks about the Therapeutic Order in Naturopathic Medicine, her own healing journey, as well as her upcoming book, You Finished Treatment, Now What? A Field Guide for Cancer Survivors. August 14, 2022

Village Green Apothecary’s Humanized Podcast  Delightful Q&A with Dr. Rothenberg, hosted by Rebekah Kelley available to watch, read, and listen to. Topics to discuss are how to address symptoms that remain after cancer care is complete and how you can work to change your internal environment to be less hospitable to the development or return of cancer. August 23, 2022

Who’s in Your Pod?  on “The Cancer Pod” with ​Drs. Tina Kaczor and Leah Sherman. Inspiring & educational, every cancer survivor will relate to Amy’s story and come away with actionable information. Her story is one of incredible resilience (two separate cancers in the same year!). In keeping with her career of sharing her knowledge and experience, she recently penned a book that gives survivors the direction they need during and after treatment. September 14, 2022

Dr. Rothenberg Discusses Homeopathic Treatments and Naturopathic Medicine
Listen to interview by radio host Dr. Matt Andry, December 2009


The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice and Other Stories from Natural Medicine  Listen to a lecture given by Dr. Rothenberg, as she shares case studies and observations from her clinical experience. This talk was originally delivered for the Kahn Institute at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts in 2010.

Listen to the first few minutes of Dr. Rothenberg’s Patient Education CD entitled: What Every Homeopath Wants Their Patient to Know:  A Quick Insightful Primer to Classical Homeopathy.


WholeHealthNow began a series of free live teleconferences with homeopathic teachers in January 2004. We thank them for the links below from which you can access MP3 recordings from some of these memorable talks. On some computers, the file will first download completely and then automatically begin to play.

Paul Herscu:

Homeopathic Prophylaxis and Treatment of the Flu and other Epidemics
MP3 file, 8.6MB  (Note: it takes awhile for this one to start.  You can drag the time marker on the left to 03:30 to skip to where Paul joins the call)

Using the Repertory To its Full Advantage
MP3 file, 6.4MB

Cycles and Segments
MP3 file, 7.3MB

Homeopaths Who Treat Animals
MP3 file, 13.1MB

Achieving Consistent Results with Homeopathy
MP3 file, 13.7MB

Amy Rothenberg:

The Assessment of Symptoms and Remedies for Pregnancy
MP3 file, 10.0MB


You may also be interested in reading a variety of articles on homeopathy and related topics by Drs. Rothenberg and Herscu, as well as perusing their published books, DVD’s, CD’s, and their other available media.


We apologize that these links are not available:

An Evening of Homeopathy: The Cycles and Segments Approach for Homeopathic Practice with Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg, August 2011.  Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu describe what motivated the creation of Cycles and Segments and how they use it in the office with all patients, from cranky babies to autistic children, from anxious adults to the chronically ill. Tune in for inspiration and practical clinical tips.

The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice:
An NCH Online Chat Presentation by Amy Rothenberg, ND, DHANP, February 2011

Homeopathy’s Effectiveness in Treating Epidemics & Flu – watch Dr. Herscu’s lecture on this topic in November 2009 at the AZNMA (Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association) Conference. (Note: this video starts out by jumping quickly between a variety of images.  Dr. Herscu’s talk will be begin if you let it run through those quickly.)

Homeopathy’s Hope for Autism: A Conversation with Dr. Amy Rothenberg – April 2011
Interview on World Talk Radio: Natural Solutions w/ host(s) Shawn Palmer, N.D.
Autism Spectrum Disorders affect 1 in 110 children in the U.S. This is a condition that can leave parents feeling hopeless and frustrated with few treatment options. Homeopathy is a unique form of medicine that can offer hope for treating autism. Listen in to hear her discuss what homeopathy offers patients with autism.

January 24, 2012 – Join Dr. Amy Rothenberg for a free one hour webinar at 8pm (East Coast time) entitled Grounded, sponsored by Whole Health Now and the Joint American Homeopathic Conference.

With the diagnosis of ADHD increasing, we are often asked to treat attention-related issues in both the pediatric and adult patient. In her customary engaging style, Dr. Rothenberg will introduce the topic of ADHD treatment in both pediatric and adult populations, presenting examples of some of the most common remedies for this population. (link to recording is pending)