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What Every Homeopath Wants Their Patient to Know (CD)


What Every Homeopathy Wants Their Patient to Know by Amy Rothenberg NDby Amy Rothenberg ND

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This is a 50 minute CD of Amy Rothenberg ND telling all for prospective and new patients. The information in the CD is general. It reflects, in broad terms, the approach taken by most classical homeopaths. It briefly describes what homeopathy is, who practices it, what the patient can and cannot expect, how to store and take remedies, issues around allopathic vs. homeopathic care, antidoting and concurrent use of other natural remedies during homeopathic care. Dr. Rothenberg answers a host of other questions which she has encountered over the year of teaching and practice, including:

What can I expect in the consultation?
How many times do I need to come?
How long will it take the remedy to work?
Can I stop the drugs I am taking?
Are there things I need to avoid during constitutional care?
What do those little white balls do?
I only take it once? twice? daily?
Can I take other remedies during constitutional treatment?
Can I take vitamins and herbs during constitutional treatment?
Do I need to change my diet?
Is this safe for children and pregnant women?
What if I get sick?

This CD is designed to be a quick, insightful primer to classical homeopathy. Patient education is one of the most important aspects of long term patient care and this CD educates. It is an invaluable tool, which presents a great deal of information and support in an easily digestible, time-saving form. Give this CD to new patients as well as to folks you’ve been thinking about referring to a homeopath. Dr. Rothenberg’s warmth and good humor help make the sometimes difficult-to-explain field of homeopathy understandable and accessible.


For a Review of this CD, published in 2009 in The American Homeopath Volume 15, see: What Every Homeopath Wants Their Patient to Know

For a review of a talk given by Amy Rothenberg ND on the same topic see: Just the Facts Ma’am: What Every Homeopath Wants Their Patients to Know.


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