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Treating Influenza and other Epidemics:

Epidemic Updates from Paul Herscu ND, MPH: The influenza division of Herscu Laboratory, a 501(c)(3) non-profit multi-disciplinary medical research laboratory, presents this resource for timely updates on current epidemics (influenza or otherwise). Be sure to sign up at bottom of this blog to receive notice of new postings directly via email. Or follow @PaulHerscu on Twitter.

Herscu Laboratory: Influenza Center Website

Information on ordering Herscu Letters #33-38 focusing on Homeopathic Treatment during Epidemics

Past Epidemics, discussions and updates: 2001-Present
by Dr Paul Herscu

Treating Influenza and other Epidemics
On-line Chat with Guest Speaker Amy Rothenberg, ND DHANP
December 2009, National Center for Homeopathy

Homeopathy’s Effectiveness in Treating Epidemics & Flu – watch Dr. Herscu’s lecture on this topic in November 2009 at the AZNMA (Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association) Conference. (Note: this video starts out by jumping quickly between a variety of images.  Dr. Herscu’s talk will be begin if you let it run through those quickly.)

Various Journal Articles Regarding Influenza including:
Never Well Since the Flu, by Dr Amy Rothenberg
Preventing and treating the flu: A natural medicine perspective, by Dr Amy Rothenberg
The Genus Epidemicus, by Dr Paul Herscu

Interviews / Lectures / Seminar Reviews:

Dr. Rothenberg Discusses Homeopathic Treatments
Listen to interview by radio host Dr. Matt Andry
December 11, 2009

Homeopathy & Autism
Report on a presentation by Paul Herscu, ND, DHANP NCH Annual Conference,
April 2001 – Boston, MA
by Spero Latchis

Interview of Amy Rothenberg ND
by Alan Schmukler, August 2008

Interview of Paul Herscu ND MPH
by Greg Cooper, May 26, 2005

Interview of Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg – directors of NESH
by Alan Schmukler, January 2013

Just the Facts Ma’am: What Every Homeopath Wants their Patients to Know
Review of a talk given by Amy Rothenberg ND at the National Center of Homeopathy Annual Convention.
March 1998, San Diego, California.
By Sada Sat Kaur Khalsa

The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice and Other Tales from Natural Medicine
Listen to lecture given by Amy Rothenberg, ND March 2010

Treating Depression at the Annual Meeting of Licensed Medical Professionals for Homeopathy
seminar review Amy Rothenberg, ND
by Jean Hoagland

Treatment of children with Attention Deficit Disorder & Hyperactivity
Review of a Seminar by Paul Herscu, ND
by Frank W. Gruber, M.D.

Troubled Children
Paul Herscu lecturing on
by Julian Jonas, CA

What Every Homeopath Wants Their Patient to Know
Review of CD by Dr. Amy Rothenberg, ND
Published in: The American Homeopath, 2009 Volume 15
Review by: Richa Eland, RSHom, CCH

Cycles and Segments Approach:

A Case of Severe Vertigo: a Cycles & Segments Approach
by Amy Rothenberg, ND

Herscu Letter Sample

The Herscu Letter: Teaching Exceptional Homeopathy Over The Internet
by Gregory Pais, ND, DHANP

What is “Cycles and Segments?”
NCH Summer School 1999 * Stories & Scenes Review: A New Method of Finding the Simillimum Report on a Presentation
by Paul Herscu, ND
by Laura Lohman-Gannan, DHM

Cycles and Segments Cases:

A Case of Childhood Depression
by Robert Kaladish, MD

Difficult Cases – Frustrating Ordeals or Learning Experiences?
by Frank Gruber MD

Oppositional Defiant Disorder: A Case of Platinum metallicum
by Dr. Amy Rothenberg, ND

Seizures and Romance Novels
by Frank Gruber MD

Cycles and Segments Materia Medica:

Anacardium Fundamental Segments: The Mental Sphere
by Paul Herscu ND, MPH

The Cycle of Bothrops Lanceolatus
by Paul Herscu ND, MPH

The Cycle of Carcinosin
by Frank Gruber, MD

The Cycle of Conium Maculatum
by Paul Herscu ND, MPH with Chris Ryan MD

Other Sample Articles from the New England Journal of Homeopathy:

An Appreciation of Our Literature
by Richard Moskowitz, MD, DHT

Reflections on Death
by Nick Nossaman MD

The Natural Treatment of Hay Fever
by Lysanji Edson ND

NEJH Cases:

An Encounter with a Moose
by Carleen Johnson

Myalgic Encephalitis
by Todd Hoover, MD

Remedies as Bridges
by Paul Herscu, ND

The Joy of Killing
by Amy Rothenberg, ND

NEJH Editorials:

Hello Dolly!
by Amy Rothenberg, ND

The Garden of Homeopathy
by Amy Rothenberg, ND

by Amy Rothenberg, ND

Vol 7 #2 Editorial
by Amy Rothenberg, ND

Vol 8 #2 Editorial
by Amy Rothenberg, ND

Vol 9 #1 Editorial
by Amy Rothenberg, ND

Other Published Articles:

Beating IBS: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree
Helping Individuals and Families Over Time
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Beating the winter blahs, feeling happy all year long: Shining Light on Seasonal Affective Disorder
by Amy Rothenberg ND

College Bound: Pack the Kids Off to School with Natural Remedies
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Getting Hip? (replacement): Rely on homeopathy & natural medicine to help relieve pain, support you through surgery, and get you back up and running.
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Getting Older Getting Better: Healthy again with homeopathic and natural medicines
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Heading off the Misery of Migraines 
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Hello Health, Good-bye GI Complaints: Swift & sweet relief—after a long trip down conventional medicine’s primrose path
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Her Summer with Mono: Illness just a speed bump for this active teen
by Amy Rothenberg ND

I want to be in the Olympics: Homeopathy gives elite athletes an extra edge
by Amy Rothenberg ND

New Year’s Resolutions: Increasing Energy and Resolve
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Preventing and Treating the Flu – A Natural Medicine Perspective 
by Amy Rothenberg ND

RESTORED: Intrusive, obsessive thoughts troubled him for 40 years, one remedy relieved him
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Sneezing and Yelling: Two Parts of One Whole, Homeopathy Helps a Severe Case of Hay Fever
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Softball in Spring: Homeopathy & natural medicine help one girl step up to the plate
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Springtime Joys & Challenges: Solutions For Seasonal Stings & Allergies
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Sticks & Stones Can Break a Bone – Fractures happen: Here’s how to help your body heal them
by Amy Rothenberg ND

The Accidental Addict: America’s Hidden Opioid Epidemic – Homeopathy’s role in pain treatment and recovery from addiction
Amy Rothenberg ND

The Homeopathic Treatment Of Cancer
by Dr. Amy Rothenberg

There’s More than Something in a Sneeze
By Dr. Amy Rothenberg

Tying the Knot: Homeopathic matchmaking? Overcoming the fear of commitment
by Dr. Amy Rothenberg ND

What’s the diff?: Superbug wreaks havoc in hospitals and beyond: how to help people overcome C. diff infections
by Amy Rothenberg, ND

When the Fabric of Safety Is Shattered: Healing from tragedies, terror & violence – natural help for PTSD
by Amy Rothenberg ND

When the Diagnosis is Multiple Sclerosis: Homeopathy Offers Hope & Help
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Articles in Spanish:

Homeopatía para el tratamiento de afecciones cardí­acas
por Amy Rothenberg, ND

Prueba de Papanicolau anormal, verrugas genitales y herpes
por Amy Rothenberg, ND

Remedios naturales para el tratamiento de cólicos
por Amy Rothenberg, ND

Articles in German:

Besondere Kinder
by Dr. Amy Rothenberg
Published in: Spektrum Der Homöopathie, NR. 1 2009

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