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Cognitive Decline and Healthy Aging

Over the last number of years, Drs. Amy Rothenberg and Paul Herscu have been focusing on healthy aging and best practices with regard to treatment and preventive care. They have compiled below a number of articles outlining naturopathic medicine and homeopathic approaches to the prevention of cognitive decline and other suggestions for healthy aging.

Maintain Brain Health as You Age: Natural Medicine Approaches for Cognitive Decline
by Amy Rothenberg ND, published in Homeopathy Today – Spring 2019

Go To Sleep! Chronic Insufficient Sleep Another Risk Factor for Dementia
by Amy Rothenberg ND, published in Medium – April 2021

Getting Older Getting Better: Healthy aging with homeopathic and natural medicines
by Amy Rothenberg ND, published in Homeopathy Today – March/April 2006

FAQ: How Do Naturopathic Doctors Treat Cognitive Decline
Amy Rothenberg ND, contributor – from the Institute for Natural Medicine

These Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits for Stress and Cognition Make It Worth Sniffing
interview with Amy Rothenberg, ND for Well + Good



See The World – An At Home Learning and Reading Program, created by Dr. Paul Herscu:

While the program is described for the student, the global difficulties found in post stroke and post traumatic brain injuries are often helped by the same exercises. While the student is dealing with the global complaints since birth, the adults described here are learning to contend with cognitive changes or cognitive loss. This program assists in developing the skills that help regain loss in an efficient manner.

NEW PRODUCT – Lithia Basic
A supplement designed by Dr. Paul Herscu to support healthy aging, mood, behavior, and memory:

At a recent NESH Clinical Class our friend and UMass Professor, Ed Calabrese PhD, presented material on his groundbreaking work in hormesis, or the biphasic dose response curve found in nature. We discussed at class that Dr. Herscu was finishing study in this field, and had formulated a low dose, low price, easily absorbed supplement. The driving force here is to emphasize an approach to medicine that uses the right intervention, at the right dose, at the right time, for the right duration, for the right patient!

In striving for that goal, we have developed a product that fits into this equation for many of our patients. Lithia Basic™ is a nutritional bioavailable supplement designed to support healthy aging, mood, behavior, and memory, and resist the effects of stress by combining extremely low doses of bioavailable Lithium orotate with low doses of Zinc picolinate, Water hyssop (Bacopa monnieri), and Lemon Balm (Melissa officinale). The formulation is designed to take advantage of the hormetic response elicited by these compounds and plants. We have been using this formulation with patients over the last years and feel confident about its efficacy. Historically, since these doses are not easily found, we would have patients buy four separate bottles and divide each capsule into the low doses. After enough urging from patients for more affordability and convenience, we created this supplement.

To read more about this formulation please go to

Learn more about:

What lithium is
The history of lithium
Lithium orotate
Hormesis: a term describing the biphasic response that exists in nature to different substances, where small doses may have the opposite effect of larger doses.

To read more about hormesis, read: Toxicology Rock Star: The Inspiring Story of Dr. Edward Calabrese, Hormesis and the Dose Response by Amy Rothenberg ND

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