New England School of Homeopathy

An Evening of Homeopathy:

The Cycles and Segments Approach for Homeopathic Practice 

with Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg – August 2011

In this free one hour webinar sponsored by WholeHealthNow, Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu describe what motivated the creation of Cycles and Segments and how they use it in the office with all patients, from cranky babies to autistic children, from anxious adults to the chronically ill. Tune in for inspiration and practical clinical tips.



An excerpt from Kim Elia’s introduction to this free webinar…

“As I began to look at my own cases and began to really look at this model more deeply, I began to see that it is a brilliant and insightful way to look at how we understand our patients, how we understand our remedies, and how we take a case. It informs literally every aspect of homeopathic practice and makes it something that is dynamic and reproducible; something that you could easily learn and implement in your own practice and significantly increase the results that you would get. … Paul has developed a tremendous model that really facilitates and makes homeopathy a reproducible science and art. And Amy, his partner, is a very gifted teacher who has the ability to take very complex ideas in homeopathy and make them intelligible.”

Or enjoy other materials to readlisten to and watch by Drs. Herscu & Rothenberg and learn more about Cycles & Segments.