New England School of Homeopathy

Reflections by Dr. Amy Rothenberg

Please find here samples of the creative nonfiction by Dr. Amy Rothenberg. Here’s where you will find writing by Dr. Rothenberg that is less technical yet informed by her practice & teaching. Musings on work, family life & time in nature may find a place here. We hope you find some comfort or inspiration from these words.


Steadfast: Fall 2013

The First Figs Arrive: Summer 2013

Ballroom Dancing: Winter 2012/2013

Grow Where You Are Planted: June 2012

Our Natural Medicine Roots: Spring 2012

Taking Time with Our Patients: June 2011

Mother’s Day: May 2011

The Magic of Homeopathy: November 2010



We also invite you to enjoy artwork
by Dr. Amy Rothenberg in
our archive of annual calendars.