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If you’d like to peruse back issues of Less is More below, you will find seasonal and helpful advice, and further links to articles of interest. Enjoy!

Summer 2023: A Time of Transitions Late summer is a challenging time for many, especially for those with kids that are adjusting to going back to school. Dr. Rothenberg’s article, Teens Are Our Future, discusses ways to support this population during times of change, including two case studies. Read about upcoming classes, and watch an inviting video of Dr. Rothenberg welcoming you to study with NESH!

Spring 2023: Learn & Grow! This issue of Less is More focuses on raising little ones with homeopathy and natural medicine in an article written by Dr. Amy Rothenberg. Read about our featured alumnus in our periodic fun feature: Spotlight. And find out about all the online class offerings that NESH is currently offering!

December 2022: Joy & Peace Read an article about the case of a 52 year old woman who presented with the chief complaint of vertigo. And enjoy a video highlighting some clinical pearls about the use of the remedy Nux moschata for one very common, but often overlooked purpose.

Fall 2022: Thriving after Cancer Treatment In this issue of Less is More, we celebrate the publication of Dr. Rothenberg’s book: You Finished Treatment, Now What? A Field Guide for Cancer Survivors. And we are very excited to announce a new course offering: The FOUNDATIONS of HOMEOPATHY Online Course – Introducing the Fundamentals. Check it out!

Winter 2022: Online Course Starting Soon! Please enjoy this Cycles & Segments materia medica presentation of Bothrops lanceolatus by Dr. Paul Herscu, along with details about NESH’s online course options.

Fall 2021: Long Haul COVID – We are excited to announce that our first Online Course will be starting February 2022! Also read an article by Dr. Rothenberg which is especially relevant now as 50% to 80% of those who’ve had COVID-19 continue to have symptoms three months after the acute ailment.

Summer 2021: The Prescribing Cascade – Happy Summer! It’s been a while since we’ve sent along a non-COVID- focused note, and it feels good! As in each issue we Spotlight some of our NESH alumni. And enjoy an article by Dr. Rothenberg about unwinding the prescribing cascade.

November 2020: Gratitude – Enjoy our Thanksgiving issue, which includes a timely article/case by Dr. Rothenberg called What If My Kid Loves Being Home!?

June 2020: Summertime / Lyme Time – Read a case of chronic Lyme Disease by Dr. Amy Rothenberg, and what’s new with NESH in 2020.

December 2019: Happy Holidays from Our Home to Yours We are ever grateful for our friends, students, and patients who guide our work and keep us striving to contribute to the health of individuals and communities. Read a fun piece on Sleep, that precious commodity we could all use more of!

Fall 2019: 30 YEARS of NESH – This coming year we launch our 30th anniversary of NESH! As we reflect back at our vision for teaching homeopathy over these last three decades, we love that in your hands our work is enduring and stands the test of time. During 2020 & 2021, in various places in the US and overseas, we will be holding 30th anniversary events and we hope to celebrate with you! Please also enjoy in this issue a materia medica nibble from Paul as he shares some thoughts on the often-overlooked remedy, Dulcamara. #NESH30Years

Summer 2019: Cognitive Health This issue focuses on cognitive decline and healthy aging, and debuts a supplement designed to support healthy aging, mood, behavior, and memory.

Spring 2019: Warmer Days Ahead! – In this issue, you’ll find links to all of Dr. Rothenberg’s various articles about working with cancer patients during and after conventional care.

Winter 2019: Thoughts for the New Year! – January 2019 Epidemic Update from Paul Herscu ND, MPH.

Fall 2018: It’s Back to School Time! – Over the years Dr. Amy Rothenberg has written on school challenges from many different angles, as both a mother and a doctor. In this issue we have pulled together a variety of back to school materials that help to illustrate how homeopathy can support children through these times of transition.

Summer 2018: Love Blooms – We are thrilled to launch our new mobile friendly e-newsletter. Enjoy an article by Dr. Amy Rothenberg with a few musings about the world of love and partnership through a homeopathic lens.

Spring 2018: Longer Days & More Light – As you get out and start moving again with the warmer weather and longer days, we hope you will not need Dr. Amy Rothenberg’s insights about helping broken bones to heal. However you’ll find the information here just in case it becomes relevant!

January 2018: Influenza Like Illness – Paul Herscu ND, MPH describes the main homeopathic remedies he has been seeing in his practice for the 2017-2018 viral season situation as it seems to be unfolding now. With additional seasonally relevant articles by Amy Rothenberg ND, we hope this issue is useful for yourself, your family or your patients this time of year.

November / December 2017: Hormesis – Learn about hormesis: a non-linear dose response, characterized by low-dose stimulation and high-dose inhibition, and how it relates to homeopathy. Also read an article about hip replacement by Dr. Amy Rothenberg and see how homeopathy & natural medicine helps relieve pain, supports patients through surgery, and helps get patients back up and running.

Fall 2017: The Map of Hierarchy – Focus is on using The Map of Hierarchy to allow us to understand how patients with more severe, often psychological, cognitive or emotional issues, will need certain kinds of remedies.

May 2017: Spring is Here! – The NESH 8 Weekend Course returns to Portland, OR and don’t miss Dr. Amy Rothenberg’s article Beating IBS: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree, Helping Individuals and Families Over Time.

February 2017: Getting Older, Getting Better – Read Dr. Amy Rothenberg’s article entitled Getting Older, Getting Better. And if you are a NESH Alumni – consider joining us for the 2017 East Coast Clinical Class weekends focusing on the Treatment of the Aged. April 21-23 AND November 10-12. (open only to folks who have completed a 2 year course of study with NESH).

January 2017: Dream Big! – We are excited to share that Governor Baker Signed the Bill to License Naturopathic Doctors in Massachusetts. Also learn about See The World: Learning and Reading Program E-Book by Paul Herscu ND, MPH.

Autumn 2016: Prosperity & Goodness! – This issues includes an article by Dr. Amy Rothenberg entitled When the Fabric of Safety Is Shattered: Healing from tragedies, terror & violence – natural help for PTSD.

August 2016: Healing Power of Nature – This issue includes an article by Dr. Amy Rothenberg entitled The Accidental Addict: America’s Hidden Opioid Epidemic – Homeopathy’s role in pain treatment and recovery from addiction.

Summer 2016: The Olympics! – In honor of the summer Olympics, read about Dr. Amy Rothenberg’s experience treating elite athletes.

February 2016: Looking Forward – We are looking forward to the rest of 2016 with lots to offer folks who love homeopathy – check it out!

December 2015: Happy Holidays! – Enjoy Dr. Rothenberg’s art work on our new 2016 calendar. Happy holidays to all & a healthy peaceful new year, too!!! From all of us at NESH.

September 2015: Celebrating 25 Years – This 25th anniversary time has us thinking a lot about the confluence of ideas and the gathering of knowledge and the urge to keep it flowing! We have the same enthusiasm and derive the same pleasure when we work with students and practitioners, sowing the seeds of effective, compassionate homeopathy. This issue includes the Cycles & Segments materia medica of Vipera, by Dr. Paul Herscu.

December 2014: Happy New Year! – Explore why learning the Cycles & Segments approach to homeopathy can lead to a more successful and satisfying practice. Read comments from some of our students and case of an 8 year old girl dealing with oppositional defiant disorder who was given Platina.

September 2014: Resilience – Dr. Rothenberg thinks about the power of resilience in her personal and professional life as we head towards fall, a time for gathering and storing of energy for the winter ahead. You’ll find links to Dr. Rothenberg’s Huffington Post pieces on naturopathic oncology, and an often overlooked remedy, Kali carbonicum, is highlighted.

March 2014: Awaiting Spring – Read about Dr. Rothenberg’s experiences from a patient perspective, as well as the materia medica of Anacardium and a case to go along with it. Dates and venues are finalized for our 2014-2016 Boston & Seattle area courses, as well as our 2014 Advanced Clinical Class.

Fall 2013: Fall into Travel – With travel on her mind after returning from an exotic trip to Spain, Dr. Rothenberg shares her article Perfect Escapes: Prevent Peril in Paradise, The Savvy Traveler’s Guide, and asks you to sing along with a musical meander through the history of homeopathy in the USA.

Summer 2013: Summer Mode – Read the Cycles & Segments materia medica of Vipera and a great summertime case of Gelsemium. Also learn about our September Advanced East Coast Clinical Class and our new NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory.

Spring 2013: The Energy of Spring – Enjoy an extensive interview with Drs. Rothenberg and Herscu by Alan Schmukler and learn more about our upcoming Boston area 10 Weekend course & 2013 clinical classes. Highlight of this issue is the materia medica of Bothrops lanceolatus, written up the Cycles & Segments fashion.

Fall 2012: A Time for Reflection – Take time to reflect on our relationships, on our families, and the work of our minds, our hearts and our hands. Continue to read more about our clinical classes focusing on neurological disease and be treated to the materia medica of Conium maculatum.

June 2012: Seeds of Summer – Learn more about the upcoming clinical classes for NESH alumni that will focus on neurological disease and read 2 articles on that subject:  What Homeopathy has to offer in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis by Dr. Rothenberg, and General Thoughts on the Treatment of Seizure Disorders by Dr. Herscu.

Spring 2012: Spring is on the Way – View a free one hour webinar by Drs. Amy Rothenberg and Paul Herscu, as well as learn about their newly released Cycles & Segments Home Study Course.

November 2011: Enjoy Our Beautifully Redesigned Website –  also read Dr. Rothenberg’s article Heading off the Misery of Migraines.

June 2011: Summertime – Dr. Amy Rothenberg talks about taking time with our patients, and shares her article entitled Her Summer with Mono: Illness just a small speedbump for this active teen.

April 2011: Spring is in the Air – Read Dr. Paul Herscu’s article Electromagnetic Radiation, resulting from the radiation issues occurring in Japan at the time.

December 2010:  Holiday Card

November 2010: Magic in the Air – Dr. Amy Rothenberg reflects on being asked, “When and how did you first experience the magic of homeopathy?” Also read her article When the Diagnosis is Multiple Sclerosis: Homeopathy Offers Hope & Help.

April 2010: Think Spring – Read Dr. Amy Rothenberg’s article The Homeopathic Treatment of Autism and learn more about Dr. Paul Herscu’s DVD Putting the Pieces Together:  The Homeopathic Treatment of Autism.

January 2010: Happy New Year – Feel inspired by Dr. Amy Rothenberg’s article New Year’s Resolutions: Increasing Energy and Revolve.

September 2009: Back to School Time – Dr. Amy Rothenberg shares her thoughts on going back to school time and her article entitled College Bound: Pack the kids off to school with natural remedies.