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NESH Alumni Spotlight

We are delighted to share this fun project highlighting the work and passions of our wonderful NESH Alumni — we are thrilled to have been part of their education and training. We invite our alumni to post their practice information in our NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory. Our goal is to create and support members of our NESH family, and to generate ongoing opportunities and exposure for the people we love and respect.


Featured NESH Alumnus September 2023:

Erick Cervantes Fernández ND, MPH – Southern California
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listings in
Long Beach & San Diego, California

Early in his naturopathic studies (2008-2009), we met Erick at NESH’s 8 Weekend Course in Portland, OR. Now as his naturopathic and homeopathic practices grow, he’s returned to further invent in the well-being of his patients, studying with us online at NESH’s Two-Year 2023-2024 Develop Expertise in Homeopathy Course.

2019/20 to present: Naturopathic Practice, Cura Cura AND joined Integrative Practice at Body Craft, San Diego, CA
2011: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, National College of Natural Medicine
2001: MPH, Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine (field studies in rural Senegal, West Africa as an assistant to a John Hopkin’s trained mid-wife & as a Street Children Rehabilitation Coordinator for Casa Alianza, Honduras, Tegucigalpa)


Featured NESH Alumna April 2023:

Angela Ross, NDSeattle, Washington

Angela was an energetic and engaged student during our NESH 2010-11 Seattle Course weekends. She has now taken that same energy and focus to help lead one of our premier naturopathic state associations and how wonderful that is for the profession! Having a passionate and dedicated person, who also appreciates the role of homeopathy within the naturopathic medicine, is timely.

2020 – present: Executive Director, Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians
2014 – 2020: Naturopathic Physician/Owner, Lifespan Naturopathic Medicine
2009 – 2013: Naturopathic Medical Student, Bastyr University
2002 – 2009: Work Load Leader/Trainer/Investigator, US Investigations Services



Featured NESH Alumna January 2023:

Naomi ZeskindCharlotte, North Carolina
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

We first met Naomi in 1993. What struck me right away about Naomi was her mature appreciation of the patient, seeing them as a whole, within the context of their life, family, and society.

• 1993-present: Consultations in Classical Homeopathy in private practice
1993-2019: Occasional lecturer for homeopathy at Virginia Tech, various hospitals in VA, hospice in Blacksburg, VA, instructor for homeopathy for pharmacists of AARP, homeopathy courses for the Open University of the YMCA in Blacksburg, VA and various courses taught in Roanoke and Blacksburg, VA
1991-2005: Study Group leader, including for the Affiliated Homeopathic Study Group (Charlotte, NC) & Blacksburg Homeopathic Study Group (Blacksburg, VA)
1988: MA (Diplom FH) “Heilpaedagogik”, Freiburg, Germany. Equivalent to an MA as Child Therapist and Counselor


Featured NESH Alumna December 2022:

Jennifer Harrison ND, RN, BSNSpokane, Washington
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

We first met Jennifer as an attentive student in naturopathic school. We love having the chance to work with a student again, now a doctor, once they’ve been in practice for a while. It brings us joy because we see all the gears clicking and the information shared having that much more scaffolding or place to land.

• 2018: Started a non-profit practice in Spokane, WA to increase accessibility to naturopathic medicine
2010-2016: Attended Bastyr University for Naturopathic Medicine with multiple extracurricular courses in herbal medicine, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, hydrotherapy, homeopathy through NESH
2004-2006: Worked as a nurse in a variety of acute care and community settings
2004: Bachelors in nursing, Calvin College (Grand Rapids, Michigan)


Featured NESH Alumnus January 2022:

Sean Congdon, NDSeattle, Washington
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing (pending)

When Sean took the NESH 2020 Seattle Course, he probably had more experience with homeopathy than most others there. But his earnest curiosity and focused presence were really noted and more than that, appreciated.

• 2001-present: Private practice various locations in Puget Sound; 2007-present; private practice BCNH Practitioner Care
• 2013-present: Clinical supervision at Bastyr Center for Natural Health (BCNH) teaching clinic
• 2012-present: 100s hours (and growing) of continuing education in Homeopathy
• 2005-2007: Quality of life and immune status in women with estrogen and progesterone hormone negative early stage breast cancer who have completed standard medical treatment. Research coordinator
• 2001: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University


Featured NESH Alumna December 2021:

Liat Engel, ND  – Yiftah, Israel
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

When we first met Liat in 2010, she was a bright-eyed, open-hearted student in naturopathic medical school. Immediately it was obvious that she loved homeopathy and wanted to learn as much as possible. She took the class again as she became a mother of two little girls. Liat is about to take the course again, this time a refresher!

• 2017- Present: Practicing classical homeopathy and naturopathic medicine at my private practice, Kibbutz Yiftah, Galil Heights, Israel
2014-2016: ND Practitioner with a focus on homeopathy at Alpine Integrated Medicine, Redmond, WA
2013: Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University Seattle, WA
2008: BSC in Biochemistry at University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT


Featured NESH Alumna September 2021:

Andrea Weninger, MDFreiburg, Germany
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

I (Paul) have known Andrea for nearly two decades now. A fantastic homeopathic physician, Andrea is one of the most conscientious of any type of physician that I have met. This is seen in the time she spends helping her patients and in the time she spends in honing her skill sets. She also is a clinician who has gracefully negotiated the sometimes great divide between orthodox medicine and homeopathy.

• 1993: MD degree Freiburg University
1995: Homeopathy license (Medical council)
1996 to present: teacher in postgraduate professional education for medical doctors in Freiburg and supervisor for homeopathic physicians
1998 to present: homeopathic clinic in general medicine
2004: Homeopathy Diploma (DZVhÄ)


Featured NESH Alumnus March 2021:

Matthew Strickland, NDDurham, North Carolina
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

We have worked with Matthew for going on 9 years now. Matthew is one of the doctors who moved to a region of the country and began working on passing a law for the full practice of naturopathic medicine, which includes homeopathy. In many ways, Matthew represents many of our students and colleagues who work tirelessly to make the world a little bit easier to live in, here helping to deliver care in regions of the country that do not currently offer this care.

• 2016-Present: Vice President North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians
• 2015-Present: Naturopathic Doctor at my private practice Southeastern Integrative Health and Wellness
• 2015: Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University Seattle, WA
• 2013: Creator of the podcast The ND Update


Featured NESH Alumnus February 2021:

Joseph Feuerstein, MDStamford, Connecticut
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

I (Paul) have known Joe for nearly a decade now. Here is what I remember when we first met in our Boston 10 Weekend Course 2013-2014. Joe was smart, educated, knew homeopathy, had experience, etc. But what struck me was how nice he was. He was one of the folks that made the course memorable, with his pleasant demeanor, natural curiosity, and encouraging presence.

• Published/presented 30+ articles in peer reviewed journals/medical conferences
• Castle Connolly 2020 and 2021 Top Doctor and NY Magazine Top Doctor 2020
• 2018 Virginia Apgar Award for excellence in medical research – Fairfield County Medical Association
• 2018 Connecticut State Society award for leadership and innovation
• 2015 Citrin Cooperman/Quinnipiac award for excellence in medical research


Featured NESH Alumna December 2020:

Shawna Phillips MSN, Chom, FNP-CLongmont, Colorado
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

When we first met Shawna in 2005, we knew we had a brilliant person, who brought a unique and relevant background to the study of homeopathy. We have applauded her desire for continued learning (within homeopathy and beyond) and her perseverance in seeking additional credentialing. We are beyond thrilled at Shawna’s accomplishments and to have her as a trusted colleague in another part of the country! 

• 2006-present: Private homeopathy and Bowenwork practice
2020: SIG 30 Board of Directors, Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses
2019 – 2020: MSN Nursing from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and licensed Family Nurse Practitioner
2014-2019: various RN positions
December 2013: BSN Nursing from University of Northern Colorado


Featured NESH Alumnus October 2020:

Dane Shepherd, DOChicago, Illinois
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

I (Paul) have known Dane for decades now. He reminds me of the intersection of cranial osteopathy and classical homeopathy. When I think of Dane, I have to say it constantly and tremendously impresses me when a clinician is able to not just handle two personalized forms of medicine, but can incorporate them into something truly unique.

• 1977 Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery DO degree
• 1982 Midwestern Center For The Study Of Oriental Medicine Acupuncture Degree
• 1999 New England School Of Homeopathy Classical Homeopathy with Paul Herscu ND
• 2008 Department Chair and Chief Scientific Director For Osteopathic Medicine at Hospital Andino Alternativo Chimborazo, Ecuador- the first Osteopathic Hospital in South America which he founded


Featured NESH Alumna August 2020:

Francesca AlliataSaronno, Italy / Lugano, Switzerland
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

I (Paul) am very grateful for the work we did together interviewing many families with children that have Rett Syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and other neurological developmental disorders. I have been incredibly impressed by her dedication to the spread of homeopathy in Northern Italy and Eastern Switzerland. As part of her work she became the first homeopath graduating from the International Masters Program at NESH, to be recognized and licensed by the Swiss government.

• 2017: Swiss Federal Diploma in Homeopathy
• 2014-present: Started Accademia di Omeopatia in Lugano, Switzerland
• 2009: Started a practice in Lugano, Switzerland
• 2002: Started practicing homeopathy in Italy
• 1990-2001: Naturopathic School in Milan, Italy



Featured NESH Alumnus June 2020:

John Coppinger, DOKnoxville, Tennessee

I (Paul) have known John and his family for 25 years, starting with the Level 1 introductory course, through the intermediate courses, to the Post-Graduate Courses through to the many clinical classes and conferences. There are so many things I could write here, about all the color and knowledge he brings to each of those courses, the insight from other professions, the constant humor lightening tense moments, and helping us remember the humanity within each other and our patients. I could also write about very, very late night poker games. Lastly, I could also thank him for reminding me to love life fully and unapologetically. What I wanted to focus on, though, are two more theoretical points John touched upon.

• 1988 Began Osteopathic Medical School at University of New England
• 1994 Began Private Solo General Practice SE Ohio
• 2015 Began teaching in Osteopathic medical schools
• 2020 Chair of OPP LMU-DCOM and developing a longitudinal OPP curriculum


Featured NESH Alumna April 2020:

Julianne Forbes NDNorth Bridgton, Maine
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

I (Amy) remember meeting Julie in the early 90’s at a National Center for Homeopathy Summer School when I was a freshly minted doctor starting out teaching the little bit I knew. To have a smart, accomplished woman in the class who was dipping her toe into the homeopathy world was wonderful for me.

• NESH Two Year Course 2000-2002 and virtually every Reunion and Clinical class since then
• Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from National College in Portland, Oregon
• MBA degree from University of New Hampshire where ran the Small Business Administration student consulting organization
• Teaches classes and workshops on naturopathy and homeopathy
• Published several articles in NMDR on adverse health effects of Air Pollution


Featured NESH Alumna February 2020:

Brooke Beck ND – Camas, Washington
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

We remember when Brooke took our NESH class years ago and were so happy to have her back in class again recently. She sat right in the front and we could use her as a barometer to see if our ideas were getting across.

• 2015 – present: Naturopathic Doctor at Blossom Natural Health and Wellness
• 2010-2014: Co-founded and operated Hawthorn Clinic Natural Medicine and Music Therapy in Stillwater, MN
• 2011-2012: Treasurer and Board member of the Wisconsin Naturopathic Doctor’s Association
• 2010: Naturopathic Medical Residency completion from The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine (CNIM) in Orlando, Florida
• 2009: Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine & Certificate in Homeopathy, NCNM


Featured NESH Alumnus January 2020:

Kamau Kokayi MD – Los Angeles, California and Brooklyn, New York
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Kamau was among some of NESH’s earliest students in the early 1990’s. Before there were terms for medical doctors who practice integrative medicine, there was Kamau. Kamau truly integrates homeopathy and acupuncture at a time when it was less fashionable. A leader in the CAM movement in the New York area his knowledge, quick mind, compassionate demeanor and easy humor graced our classes as well as the airwaves of the big city.

• Bi-costal practice serving as Medical Director of Health At Last, a Medical/Chiropractic Clinic in West Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA, while maintaining an active practice in his Healing Health Services practice in Brooklyn, NY
• Current President of the NY State Homeopathic Medical Society, and recently retired from the NY State Board of Acupuncture
• Runs an online Consciousness Transformation Meditation intensive
• Produced two documentary films
• MD degree Yale Medical School 1982


Featured NESH Alumna November 2019:

Nicole Anderson ND – Bothell, Washington
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Nicole studied with NESH from 2015-2016 at our 8 Weekend Seattle, WA area course a few years after she graduated from Bastyr, and continued with NESH Alumni Clinical Classes in 2016-2017. With a few more years of practice under her belt now, we hope to have her in class again starting January 2020. I (Paul) really enjoyed having Nicole in class. Mostly what I remember is very clear pointed questions or answers. I hope that her science background will help homeopathic clinical trials in the future.

• 2013-present: owner of Anderson Natural Medicine clinic in Bothell, WA
• 2012: Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr
• 1996-2007: research scientist for US Navy
• 1999: BS in Chemical Engineering from University of California Riverside


Featured NESH Alumnus October 2019:

Kevin Fenton DVMMountain Center, California
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

We were fortunate to meet Kevin when he enrolled in the 2016-2017 NESH 8 Weekend Course in San Diego, CA. He drove up with a truck filled with veterinary supplies and stories to share! We appreciate the levity and love that Kevin brings with him, so encouraging to others! Having vets in our class is always a boon, because the perspective and experience shared enhances the learning of everyone there.

• DVM 1982 at The University of Bologna, Italy
• Continued Learning at: Clinique Veterinaire Rive Droit in Geneva, Switzerland; The London Zoo; Lee and Lynch Veterinary Clinic in Lismore, Ireland; Centre Medic Veterinari in Barcelona, Spain
• Established Kevin M. Fenton Equine Practice in 1986, and 1991 founded All Creatures Veterinary Care and Animal Hospital
• Read profile for long list of animals he has treated over the years


Featured NESH Alumni September 2019:

Randall Shields – Bethesda, Maryland
Alexis Shields ND – Lisbon, Portugal
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

NESH’s first, and so far only, father-daughter homeopathy duo!

Paul here … Let’s get to brass tacks. Playing poker with Randall is always exciting. An ‘old school’ player, nothing wild, I had to ratchet down my odds calculations. I feel like I was playing poker in the 19th century. A dry wit and sense of humor, I have to say I always learn a lot from Randall. He asks excellent pointed questions. He modeled being a loving husband and engaged father and also how to evolve through enormous challenges, most often with a smile on his face and a useful assessment of the situation.

When Alexis showed up at the NESH class in PDX we were thrilled to keep the homeopathy bug alive and growing in one family. Her work with Shannon, around the world & closer to home reflects the way she was raised, to be herself, to be helpful to others, and to let the love shine through to family, friends, and patients. 


Featured NESH Alumna July 2019:

Kitt Guaraldi ND – Portland, Oregon
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Kitt is one of our alumni who studied with NESH and then went on to get her ND degree. Starting at our Amherst class in 2005, she finished up that 2 year class in Portland, OR. In 2008 she repeated the class, helping to promote the course at NCNM as our student rep.

• 2017-present: owner of Each Peach Family Wellness in Portland, OR
• 2017-present: Herman and Wallace Pelvic Floor Rehab Provider
• 2015-2017: Naturopath and Structural Integrator at Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center in Portland, OR
• 2011-2015: Naturopath and midwife in South Burlington, Stowe and Salisbury, VT.
• 2011: Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Certificate in Naturopathic Midwifery from NCNM
• 2010: Attended her 125th birth as a midwifery apprentice!


Featured NESH Alumna June 2019:

Suzanne Smith CCHHebron, New Hampshire

Suzanne has a long and committed relationship to homeopathy and to its growth across the country. We first met Suzanne in a very early NESH class in 1993 and she’s been part of our family ever since. With an open heart and compassionate presence, she has helped many people on their healing journeys and has guided many others to the study and inspire a passion for homeopathy.

• Homeopathy & nutrition counseling practice in Hebron, NH since 2002
• Board Member & Treasurer at Homeopaths Without Borders, 2011-present
• Representative, New Hampshire State House of Representatives, 2008-present
• Assistant Editor/Copy Editor, American Homeopath Journal, 2008-2009
• Secretary/Treasurer, 14 Carrots Natural Food Cooperative, 2002-2006
• CCH Certificate, Council for Homeopathic Certification, 2002
• Broadcaster, WDIY-FM, 1998-2002


Featured NESH Alumna May 2019:

Tamar Laderman CCH, FNP-BC – Teaneck, New Jersey
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Tamar has been in the NESH family since 1995. She has taken just about everything we have offered and has attended most of our Reunion and Clinical Class Weekends. Would not be NESH without her!

• 2017-Present: City Care Family Practice NYC, family nurse practitioner integrative health
• 2012-2016: FNP/ Homeopath, Center for Health and Healing, Mount Sinai/Beth Israel
• 2011: Family Nurse Practitioner BC, Pace University
• 2008: Registered Nurse, Bergen Community College
• 2001: Certified in Classical Homeopathy
• 1995-2011: Homeopathic consultant


Featured NESH Alumnus April 2019:

Jeffrey Feinman VMD, CVHWeston, Connecticut
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Jeff studied with us from 2003-2005 and has since joined us occasionally for clinical and reunion class weekends. We are appreciative of the role Jeff plays in the world of advocacy for homeopathic treatment of animals.

Member: American Veterinary Medical Association
• President: The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (AVH) Foundation
• Past president: AVH & Chairman: AVH Education Committee
• Member: Dr. André Saine’s Int’t Hahnemannian Materia Medica Pura Project
• Holistic medical director: Helen Rich’s On The Wings Of Angels Rescue (OWAR) in Odessa, FL 2014-2017
• CT’s First Certified Veterinary Homeopath: 2000
• Veterinary Honor Society (Phi Zeta): Inducted 1985

Read more about Jeff

Featured NESH Alumna March 2019:

Rebecca Principe ND – Portland, Oregon
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Rebecca studied with NESH at our 2013-2014 class in Seattle as well our 2017 Seattle Clinical Class, and will return for another Clinical Weekend this fall in Portland. We appreciate that she takes time for both teaching and advocacy work, as we know the essential role of each!

• Naturopathic Primary Care Physician with focus in Homeopathy
• Adjunct Faculty of Homeopathy at the National University of Natural Medicine
• Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians Board Treasurer and Legislative Committee Member
• Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from NUNM 2013
• Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Trinity College 2000

Read more about Rebecca

Featured NESH Alumna February 2019:

Marnie Frisch ND – Olympia, Washington
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Marnie took our 2005-2007 NESH class in Portland, Oregon and repeated the class in 2008-2009, with more experience and perspective under her belt and has been a regular at our West and East Coast Clinical Weekends since 2010.

• 1994 Magna Cum Laude Graduate BA Anthropology, U of MN
• Clinical medical assistant positions in 1993-2000 in Community health clinics, women’s clinics, and urology private practice
• Collective Bakery Co-Owner, Seattle WA 1997-2001
• Graduated Bastyr University 2006, Started Whole Health Naturopathy in 2007
• Founding Board member of The Olympia Free Clinic 2009-2012
• Embracing role as Medical Director of Whole Health Naturopathy 2018-current

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Featured NESH Alumna January 2019:

Greta D’Amico ND – Auburn, California
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

We met Greta at a California ND conference some years back where she asked the best questions and shared insight and experience. We were thrilled when she decided to take the San Diego NESH class in 2016-2017 because we knew she would add a depth and breath of understanding and push us to better articulate what we know and how we practice. She has continued to join us on the East Coast for our Clinical Classes since 2017.

• Appointed member of the Naturopathic Medicine Committee of California, the Naturopathic Medical “Board”
• Member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
• Member of the California Association of Naturopathic Doctors
• Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Valedictorian, 2003, SCNM

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Featured NESH Alumna December 2018:

Denise Long  CSN, ND – West Orange, New Jersey

Denise first studied with NESH in 2009 and continued on with Clinical Classes from there. We had the pleasure of her completing the NESH Course again in 2016. She brings decades of healthcare experience and an open heart, a keen mind and a general disposition that makes everyone around her feel better, smarter, and more capable.

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Boston University 1978
• Certification in School Nursing from Jersey City University 2007
• 40 year nursing practice (now retired) in critical care, psychiatry, home health, school nursing, management, and adjunct professor in nursing
• Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine 2000
• Vice President (past President) of NJANP since 2015

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Featured NESH Alumna October 2018:

Susan DeLaney NDCarrboro, North Carolina

Susan attended the first NESH class given by Dr. Paul Herscu in 1989. She says “It was from his teachings that I began the shift of thinking like a homeopathic doctor, verses using homeopathy as another allopathic tool.”

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing UNC-Chapel Hill 1975
• Doctor of Naturopathy NCNM 1984
• Practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine and Homeopathy for 34 years
• Owner and Manager of The Wellness Alliance in Carrboro, NC
• Co-founder of Triangle Yoga 1995
• AANP Founders Club Member & AANP Presidents Award in 2010
• NCANO Treasurer and Legislative Chair since 1991

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Featured NESH Alumna September 2018:

Anne Van Couvering ND, LMT, CNSBrattleboro, Vermont
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Anne took our NESH 2014-2016 Course in Boston, MA and has attended all our Clinical Class Weekends for NESH Alumni in Amherst, MA since then.  She is loved in class her informed questions, her unrelenting curiosity, and her capacity to make everyone feel at home.

• BA with high honors in Folklore, UC Berkeley 1985
• Massage therapist since 1989
• Herbal studies with Cascade Anderson Geller
• Graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2012
• Residency in Lyme and tick borne illness
• Employed at Sojourns Community Health Clinic and in private practice

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Featured NESH Alumni August 2018:

Anthony Robinson MBRCP Hom
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Monica Robinson MBRCP Hom
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing
Bingley, West Yorkshire, England

Tony and Monica studied with NESH throughout the 1990’s in London at both the School of Pharmacy and Regent’s Park College, as well as our NESH series in Belgium. Since 2003 they have organized at least a dozen seminars in England for Paul and Amy to speak on a variety of clinically relevant topics. They still frequently travel across the “pond” for our East Coast Clinical Class Weekends for NESH Alum where their cumulative years of practice & teaching experience, along with their British perspective and sense of humor are always a welcomed addition to our classroom.

Read more about Tony & Monica

Featured NESH Alumnus July 2018:

Chris Chlebowski DC, NDAshland, Oregon
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Chris began his studies with NESH at our 2010-2011 Course in Seattle, WA. Since 2011 he has been a frequent participant at our Clinical Class Weekends for NESH Alumni on both the East and West Coasts.

• 2007 Graduated from Western States Chiropractic College
• August 2007, stared working as a chiropractor and practicing homeopathy
• 2011 Graduated from National College of Natural Medicine
• 2012 moved to Ashland, OR and opened Ashland Natural Medicine
• Currently working in conjunction with Deborah Frances, ND on an ongoing series of articles showing the efficaciousness of homeopathy & herbs in difficult cases
• Teaching neurology at the local massage school for the last five years

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Featured NESH Alumna June 2018:

Sheila M. Frodermann MS, ND, DHANPProvidence, Rhode Island
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Sheila joined us twice for the NESH Two Year Course in Amherst, MA. Once from 2001-2003 and again 2008-10. She been a wonderful and frequent participant the Clinical Classes for NESH alumni in Amherst since 2006.

• Practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine and Bowenwork for 20 years
• Owner of Providence Wholistic Healthcare in Providence, RI
• Certified Associate Bowenwork Instructor at American Bowen Academy
• Treasurer and past-President of Rhode Island Association of Naturopathic Physicians
• Co-designed and piloted the first Integrative Medicine Residency at NUNM

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Featured NESH Alumnus May 2018:

Paul Mittman ND, EdDTempe, Arizona

Paul Mittman studied with NESH in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Before his move to Arizona, he worked with Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu at their Naturopathic Health Care clinic, as an instructor of the NESH Level I course, and as an editor of the New England Journal of Homeopathy.

• President of SCNM for nearly 20 years
• Boards and Task Forces: Dementia Friendly Tempe, Tempe Chamber of Commerce, Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Convention of the United States, Arizona Opioid Medical Education Task Force
• Awards: AANP’s President’s award in ’90, AZNMA’s Physician of the Year award in ’99, Spirit of Rotary Award in ’03 and AANP’s Physician of the Year award in ’07

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Featured NESH Alumna April 2018:

Jeanne Fuqua ND, LAcWethersfield, Connecticut
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing (pending)

Jeanne first studied with NESH at our Two Year Course in Amherst, MA (2009-2010) and then in Boston (2013-2014). In addition to being a frequent participant at our Amherst Clinical Classes for NESH alumni since 2011, we’ve had the pleasure of her joining us again in Amherst for our 2016-2018 Course.

• Private practice in Connecticut since 2006
• Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the University of Bridgeport 2003
• Masters of Acupuncture from The New England School of Acupuncture 2015
• Consultant, speaking to audiences about nutrition and various health concerns and worked with several health initiatives throughout the State of Connecticut

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Featured NESH Alumnus March 2018:

Steven Sandberg-Lewis ND, DHANPPortland, Oregon
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing (pending)

Steven first studied with NESH almost 25 years ago at our 1993-1994 course in Seattle, WA and we are thrilled to have him join us again at our 2018-2019 Two Year Course in Portland, OR where he is eager to learn more about the Cycles & Segments philosophy that Dr. Paul Herscu has fine tuned over the last 25 years.

• Professor at the NUNM and private practice in Portland, OR
• Achievements: Listed in Portland Top Docs, NUNM Hall of Fame, NUNM Lifetime Achievement Award + 40 years of marriage, 40 years of practice
• Articles: Townsend Letter, NDNR
• Textbook: Functional Gastroenterology – 2nd edition

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Featured NESH Alumna February 2018:

Abby Beale CCH, RSHom(NA) East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Abby completed the NESH 2004-2006 Two Year Course in Amherst, MA. She coordinated the students in that class to petition NESH to add on a “third year”. Those efforts resulted in creating our Clinical Class Weekends for NESH alumni in 2006. Abby has been a frequent participant at those weekends ever since.

• Practicing professional homeopath in East Longmeadow, MA
• Speed reading expert, author and speaker and creator of the Rev It Up Reading Online Course
• Board Member and Current President for the National Center for Homeopathy
• 2015 and 2016 Joint American Homeopathic Conference Chair
• Frequent contributor to Homeopathy Today magazine
• Co-Coordinator of Homeopathy for CT (legislative group)
• Founder of the National Speakers Association of CT

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Featured NESH Alumna January 2018:

Carleen Johnson CCH, RSHom(NA)Thorndike, Maine
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Carleen completed the NESH 1997-2000 Professional Course in Amherst, MA – which is the only full 3 year program NESH has offered. She has also been a frequent participant at Reunion & Clinical Classes for NESH alumni in Amherst since 2001.

• Affiliated the 1st study group with NCH in Maine
• Was one of the founding members of the Maine Association of Homeopaths
• Completed CCH in 2004
• Elected to the Board of North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) in 2005
• Worked with a residency program in Maine to educate future doctors about homeopathy
• Accepted position of NASH Executive Director in 2012

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Featured NESH Alumna December 2017:

Peggy Fleming DVM, DiplAc, APDade City, Florida
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing (pending)

Peggy took the NESH Two Year Course in Amherst, MA (2004-2006) and at our animal focused course in Dade City, FL (2005-2007). From 2008 to present she has continued to be a frequent participant at Clinical Classes for NESH alumni both in Amherst and at veterinary focused weekends at her clinic.

• Owner and operator of Florida Acupuncture Center, founded in 1990.
• Founder of the Institute of Alternative Veterinary Therapies.
• Instructor for Int’l Veterinary Acupuncture Society in Equine Acupuncture.
• Co-author of Veterinary Acupuncture, Ancient Art to Modern Medicine, and Veterinary Alternative Medicine published by Mosby.
• Author of Atlas of Equine Acupuncture Loci.
• Lecturer on equine acupuncture in both America and abroad.
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Featured NESH Alumna November 2017:

Wendy Leigh White ND Portland, Oregon
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Wendy Leigh studied with NESH at our 2013-2014 Two Year Course in Boston, MA and at our Amherst, MA Clinical Class for NESH alumni in 2015-2016. We are looking forward to having her join us again for our 2018-2019 Two Year Course in Portland, OR.

• current: practicing naturopathic doctor at Portland Natural Medicine
• current: Adjunct Faculty, National University of Natural Medicine
• 2008 – 2016: Owner and practicing naturopathic doctor, Natural Family Health, LLC (Hamden CT)
• 2014 – 2016: Live, call-in radio show, Tune in to Your Body
• 2008: Graduated from the University of Bridgeport (ND)
• 2006: Graduated from the University of Bridgeport (MS, Human Nutrition)

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Featured NESH Alumna October 2017:

Serron Wilkie ND, LAcPortland, Oregon
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Serron studied with NESH at our 2005-2007 Two Year Course in Portland, OR. We were glad to see her again at NUNM in June at a talk given by Amy and Paul as a fundraiser for OANP. 

• Owner of Heart Spring Health in Portland, OR.
• Recognized as one of Portland’s top doctors of Naturopathic Medicine.
• Consultant for the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project.
• Graduated from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008.
• NUNM presented Dr. Wilkie with The Nature Cure Award in 2006.

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Featured NESH Alumnus September 2017:

Kristaps Paddock NDBaltimore, Maryland
NESH Alumni Practitioner Directory Listing

Kristaps first studied with NESH at our 2008-2009 Two Year Course in Portland, OR, and again in 2010-2011 when the course was held in the Seattle, WA area at which he served as NESH’s student rep. Since then he has been a frequent participant at our Advanced Clinical Classes for NESH alumni at our home base in Amherst, MA.

• 2010: Graduated Bastyr University School of Naturopathic Medicine
• 2011 – 2014: Secretary of Maryland Association of Naturopathic Physicians
• 2014 – 2017: President of Maryland Naturopathic Doctors Association
• 2015: Founded Charm City Natural Health in Baltimore, Maryland
• 2017: Elected to American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Board of Directors 

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