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Featured NESH Alumna: Francesca Alliata

Francesca Alliata
Saronno, Italy / Lugano, Switzerland
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Why do we get sick, why do we get better, why does homeopathy work or not work, why do we suffer, why why why … I found in Paul Herscu a teacher, in the most profound sense of that word, because he was honestly looking into those questions. With him I came to understand that it is not enough to prescribe, you have to know why. It is not enough that your patient is better, you have to know why. It is not enough to say it is, or it is not from the remedy, you have to know why. In this way we become healthy as practitioners, as we strive to align our lives with Paul’s wonderful and concise definition of health: freedom, creativity, resilience, strength, joy, appropriateness. Homeopathy is a tool to interact with life and its evolution; maybe helping it to organize around us in a more balanced and efficient way.

I studied philosophy at University and in the final 2 years ended up studying logic, theory of systems, connections and relations, and structures. When I finished my final thesis, I thought I would never ever open a book of philosophy again. That was until I found homeopathy while traveling and studying in India, some 30 years ago. I was thrilled to finally meet a tool that not only provided a consistent system of thought but which had the very practical and compassionate goal of helping others. And so my love of homeopathy took root and grew.

Breathing in the beauty and strength of the Mediterranean Sea of 5 terre (Liguria, Italy) in 2014 – a year of deep changes

When I met Paul, I felt I could continue to help myself along the path of helping others and I was specifically attracted by his work with suffering kids. I found his results to be astonishing, but not unreachable miracles, as he was teaching the way to replicate those successes. I haven’t stopped training with him since!

As a result, I also dedicated myself to working with challenging children, learning an incredible amount of lessons from them and their families, and now I also dedicate myself to making Paul’s teaching available to the next generation of Italian speaking homeopaths. I live in Italy but I work in Switzerland, 45 minute away from my home. I love driving into the mountains to go to Lugano and watching the lake along the road. Nature is my other unconditional love.

From NESH:  Paul here …there are, in fact, too few people in the world of homeopathy that have had proper training in philosophy and logic: Francesca is one of those people. There are so many things I could say here. For the past 15 years, we have had a very intense dialog on philosophy, health care paradigms, educational methods, and more specifically how homeopathy intersects with all of these. I am immensely grateful for those conversations, shared around Amy’s and my table at home in Amherst, or Francesca’s family table, with her family in Italy. Also, I am very grateful for the work we did together interviewing many families with children that have Rett Syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and other neurological developmental disorders. I have been incredibly impressed by her dedication to the spread of homeopathy in Northern Italy and Eastern Switzerland. As part of her work she became the first homeopath graduating from the International Masters Program at NESH, to be recognized and licensed by the Swiss government. Her care for her family is matched by her care for patients and students alike. That is a pretty good philosophy.

Professional Highlights:
• 1989: Masters Degree in Philosophy cum Laude
• 1990-1992: Travel and study in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and India
• 1990: Yoga teaching Degree in Vivekananda Kendra – Bangalore (India)
• 1990-2001: Naturopathic School in Milan, Italy
• 2002: Started practicing homeopathy in Italy
• 2009: Started a practice in Lugano, Switzerland
• 2011-2012: Masters in Heath systems, conventional and non conventional medicines
• 2006-present: Study with Paul Herscu all around Europe and USA
• 2014-present: Started Accademia di Omeopatia in Lugano, Switzerland
• 2014: Started Buon Vento, artistic experiences for all, in small island in Greece
• 2017: Swiss Federal Diploma in Homeopathy

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