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Featured NESH Alumna: Kitt Guaraldi ND

Kitt Guaraldi ND
Portland, OR
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Originally hailing from NH and then VT, I followed a somewhat circuitous root to a medical degree. As a massage therapist and structural integrator, I found NESH because a friend wanted someone to do the program with and I needed some cerebral stimulation… I had never heard of homeopathy! I spent the first few weekends writing down everything that Paul and Amy said in hopes of somehow gleaning what those 3 letter abbreviations meant and how this medicine worked.

My fascination with homeopathy later pushed me to Oregon for a Naturopathic degree. In medical school I focused on women’s health, pediatrics and midwifery and I have had used homeopathy with all of these populations in practice. I love seeing a child who is experiencing colic take a remedy and settle into a good nursing habit as much as I love seeing a woman mid-panic during labor take a remedy, calm and center and have a successful birth.

Out for a hike in the Columbia River Gorge with Lucy!

Beyond my medical practice, I delight in being a mother. I trade off with my husband chasing my 5-year-old daughter on her pedal bike (she’s a dervish!) and out in nature, and we work jigsaw puzzles or do beading projects and invent recipes in the kitchen at home. Always inspired by the natural world and the healing that plants can bring, in my moments of self-care I create herbal preparations like salves, creams and tinctures. I aspire to wild-craft my own herbal ingredients, but most often source them responsibly (while dabbling in gardening) and call it good.

From NESH:  Kitt is one of our alumni who studied with NESH and then went on to get her ND degree. Starting at our Amherst class in 2005, she finished up that 2 year class in Portland, OR. In 2008 she repeated the class, helping to promote the course at NCNM as our student rep. We are looking forward to seeing her again in August at the 2019 AANP Conference and in November at our West Coast Clinical Class.

Professional Highlights:
• Active member of: OANP, PedANP, AANM (American association of Naturopathic Midwives), AHPA (American Herbal Products Association)
• 2017-present: owner of Each Peach Family Wellness in Portland, OR
• 2017-present: Herman and Wallace Pelvic Floor Rehab Provider (certification in progress)
• 2015-2017: Naturopath and Structural Integrator at Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center in Portland, OR
• 2011-2015: Naturopath and midwife in South Burlington, Stowe and Salisbury, VT.
• 2011: Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Certificate in Naturopathic Midwifery from NCNM
• 2010: Attended her 125th birth as a midwifery apprentice!
• 2005: Certification in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration
• 2004: Licensed Massage Therapist in Somerville, Cambridge and Arlington, MA
• 2003-2006: Curatorial Assistant in Malacology and Mammology at Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology
• 2002: Summa Cum Laude Middlebury College graduate, degree in Italian and Biochemistry

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