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Featured NESH Alumnus: Dane Shepherd DO

Dane Shepherd DODane Shepherd, DO
Chicago, Illinois
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An injury stopped me in my tracks as I was on my way to representing Michigan State University in the Big Ten College Judo Championships. I was treated by an Osteopathic physician and my search for alternative healing methods began. After receiving my chemistry degree with concentrations in math and physics, I finished my premedical training and entered the Chicago College Of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery. During that time, I was enrolled in a three-year specialty fellowship of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and was responsible for the consultations in a 900 bed hospital. Through the fellowship I met and trained with a British DO, Dr. Viola Fryman MB, DO, FAAO, who provided me with my first experience in using Homeopathy with Cranial Sacral Osteopathy.

Soon after beginning practice in Chicago, I was flooded with patients who sought me out to help them find alternatives to allopathic medications. After a few years, I was living and practicing medicine on 3 continents and in 4 countries simultaneously. I began to rely on Homeopathy as an integral part of my practice. After a long list of Homeopathic courses and teachers, including George Vithoulkas, I continued to search for more knowledge of Homeopathy. That is when I found Paul and Amy and their extensive teaching on Cycles and Segments. Their teaching finally allowed me to merge Osteopathy and Homeopathy. I now seamlessly incorporate Osteopathy and Homeopathy to enhance each other.

In addition to my 43-year practice in the Chicago area, I now have a virtual office so I can reach more people. I enjoy practicing medicine and studying as much as I can. I continue to treat both acute and deep illnesses by incorporating the concepts of quantum physics as Osteopathy and Homeopathy combine and flow through the Cycles and Segments. Also, I am developing video courses illustrating how Osteopathic Medicine is an evolving series of concepts, including quantum physics, and not just a series of techniques. In my free time, I enjoy studying Quantum physics, painting, sculpting, and walking in nature with my family.

From NESH:  I (Paul) have known Dane for decades now. He reminds me of the intersection of cranial osteopathy and classical homeopathy. There was a time, 2 decades ago, that many cranial osteopaths studied classical homeopathy at NESH. There is a rich history here, both working on the whole individual to optimize proper functioning. I see this is two streams of thought and practice, intertwining through time, flowing in the same general direction. When I think of Dane, I have to say it constantly and tremendously impresses me when a clinician is able to not just handle two personalized forms of medicine, but can incorporate them into something truly unique. And, from me, I would like to thank him for taking care of my son’s sports injuries, while living in Chicago. Very much appreciated!

Professional Highlights:
• 1972 Michigan State University Degree in Chemistry
• 1977 Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery DO degree
• 1982 Midwestern Center For The Study Of Oriental Medicine Acupuncture Degree
• 1999 New England School Of Homeopathy Classical Homeopathy with Paul Herscu ND
• 2007 Associate Clinical Professor Western University Health Sciences
• 2008 Department Chair and Chief Scientific Director For Osteopathic Medicine at Hospital Andino Alternativo Chimborazo, Ecuador- the first Osteopathic Hospital in South America which he founded

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