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Featured NESH Alumna: Anne Van Couvering ND, LMT, CNS

Anne Van Couvering ND, LMT, CNS
Brattleboro, Vermont
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Anne is someone who likes to dive deep into subjects and not quit until she understands them, which is why she can’t stop going back to Paul and Amy’s classes. She finds homeopathy an elegant, beautiful and truly holistic modality – and like anything worth studying, deep and endless and paradigm-changing. Her practice is mostly filled with people with complex illness, predominately chronic tick-borne infections, mold and other environmental exposures, autoimmune conditions, endocrine including thyroid and PCOS, and methylation and genomics. Despite this, her mantra is “simple and easy” – she is convinced that when you understand something thoroughly, the path is clear and simple.

She lives in Vermont with her husband, Barry, a furniture maker, and their dog, Leyka. She practices at a local non-profit clinic, as well as maintaining a private practice in Montpelier, VT.  Anne spent over 20 years as a massage therapist and single mom before relenting and allowing herself to pursue her curiosity and become a Naturopathic Doctor. Her grown son, Malcolm, is an artist and musician and lives in the Bay Area.

Anne’s interests are many and varied, but the things that always leave her smiling are travel, dance and holding babies. Most evenings find her geeking out over some biochemistry thing in the endless search to reduce complexity to simplicity. She also loves being in nature, good food, good conversation and, of course, her husband and partner who has ungrudgingly supported her in various moves and changes at a time of life when sensible people are settled and content.

From NESH:  Anne took our NESH 2014-2016 Course in Boston, MA and has attended all our Clinical Class Weekends for NESH Alumni in Amherst, MA since then.  She is loved in class her informed questions, her unrelenting curiosity, and her capacity to make everyone feel at home. She knows an awful lot about lots of subjects, many of which dovetail with the world of healing and health, and she is always happy to share from that wealth of knowledge!

Professional Highlights:
• BA with high honors in Folklore, UC Berkeley 1985
• Massage therapist since 1989
• Herbal studies with Cascade Anderson Geller
• Graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2012
• Residency in Lyme and tick borne illness
• Employed at Sojourns Community Health Clinic (Westminster, VT) and in private practice (Montpelier, VT)

Anne is our September 2018 Featured Alumna. Return to NESH Alumni Spotlight page to learn about other distinguished NESH alumni.