New England School of Homeopathy

Case Supervisions with Amy Rothenberg, ND

Dr. Rothenberg offers case supervisions to those who have completed our two-year course in the USA or abroad.  She is also happy to offer Q&A sessions, one-on-one, either by phone or by email. A number of NESH alum take advantage of these offerings.

If there is a quick question (2-3 lines) Dr. Rothenberg is happy to help as she has always done, best by email. There is no fee.  But to pore over someone’s notes and repertorizations and really put her heart and mind into helping, the fee is $150 an hour, prorated for time used.  This arrangement has worked well. Dr. Rothenberg’s experience and expertise is valued and those she is helping do not waste time! You will be billed for time used.

Some practitioners use this service as they are preparing for the CCH or DHANP tests and need supervision, others for help with current patients.

There are certain rules to the game:

Dr. Rothenberg will only read a two page, 12-point type case, which allows the practitioner to streamline their thinking and not ramble.

The homeopath sending the case must take a stab at creating a Cycle and putting symptoms into Segments. They must also write up their short list of remedies they are thinking about based on their repertorization.

Then any specific questions they have on the case, philosophic or otherwise, should be included. Dr. Rothenberg will not answer the question, what remedy would you give? She will help you get to 3-4 remedies and ask you to go study those remedies. An accompanying photograph of the patient or short video clip can be helpful.

And as a courtesy, Dr. Rothenberg likes to hear about the first follow up. Some students/colleagues will ask for further help on follow up (and those needing supervisory hours for credentialing are required to do so,) same charges apply.

Please let us know if you have any questions about case supervisions by writing us here.