New England School of Homeopathy

NESH Advanced Clinical Class Weekends:

what NESH alumni have to say about them…

“Studying with Paul and Amy on a continued basis has really helped my ability to find the right remedy quickly. It has boosted my ability to prescribe effectively and consequently my practice is thriving. I attend every clinical class I can on both the east and west coasts!

In the clinical class you get to see remedies live in the classroom and trust that they are the correct prescription; Remedies like Ambra grisea, Crotalus, Nitric acid, Anhalomium, Palladium; the important remedies that you are probably missing in your practice. Paul and Amy have enough collective experience to recognize when a smaller remedy is needed while also keeping their feet firmly planted on the ground.

I cannot recommend trying out a clinical class enough. Both coasts have great, enthusiastic groups of homeopaths that are learning together under the supervision of two of the world’s best homeopaths.”

Chris Chlebowski DC, ND
Ashland, OR

“Thank you Paul and Amy, and especially the classmates for a great class this weekend. I was proud of the space we held for our classmates this weekend who shared the intimate details of their struggles, as well as the space we provided for our other patients.

I appreciate the intimacy of the class this weekend and being with both those still in school and those of us out in practice. To those of you still working towards graduating, you are going to be such great practitioners having gone through NESH, and to those like me out in practice, I am pretty sure you feel like I do…sometimes I feel like I got it all under control, and well, the other times I just don’t.

These weekends are always humbling, but also leave me yearning for more. But, today, back in the office, I felt good about how I practiced homeopathy on all 5 of my patients–and a couple decision on my part because of what I learned about the practice of homeopathy this weekend.”

Marnie Frisch ND
Olympia, WA

“We so agree with this being the best ever weekend with Paul (Topic: What the Heck’s Wrong with My Patient?). We loved the way he was like a dog with a bone, never giving up on his questioning until he understood what the problem was with the patient. “Walk me through it” Paul would say, understanding the patient, understanding the disease. Such fine-tuning was a joy to behold. Yes we would be up for the West coast Amy. Think we would travel to the ends of the earth to hear Paul speak. Thanks for an inspiring weekend.”

Monica & Tony Robinson
West Yorkshire, England

“Thanks for an awesome weekend! It was so helpful and nice to see everyone. Thanks, Amy & Paul, for an amazingly diverse, case-taking weekend in Amherst. Great clarification on my cases, what to pay attention to, and getting to smaller remedies.”

Sheila Frodermann MS, ND, DHANP, CCH
Providence, RI

“THANK YOU!!!! The clinical courses are INCREDIBLE! An amazing way to bring the 8 week courses into context.”

Eric Semsak ND
Issaquah, WA

“It was a lovely weekend all around. The only trouble is, it’s like after a fun party you have to get back to real life! Thank you for every little and big thing Amy, Paul, Kim and all of you dedicated homeopaths.”

Julianne M. Forbes ND, LLC
North Bridgton, ME

“I learned so much about analysis and watching Paul complete a cycle while talking with a patient.  It was wonderful for me.”

Bobbie Gribble
Virginia Beach, VA

“Thank you Amy and Paul, it was a great weekend! And thanks everybody, for a great group experience!”

Benedetta Sarno DVM
Durham, NH