New England School of Homeopathy


Excerpt from an article by Durr Elmore, D.C., N.D., DHANP that appeared in Simillimum, The Journal of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians, Vol. 2, No.4.

“After teaching seminars in North America and Europe, Paul Herscu N.D., DHANP, felt the need to develop an in-depth course that would bring a clear understanding of homeopathy to both student and experienced practitioner. This course, he hoped, would also lead to success, in practice, for his graduates. By creating The New England School of Homeopathy, Paul has done this and much, much more.”

A great homeopath and exciting teacher, Paul has a unique teaching style that is based on extensive personal experience. Through experimentation with case taking, potency levels, case analysis strategies, and prescribing methods, and careful reflection of his patients and homeopathy in general, Paul has distilled a wealth of practical, transmittable knowledge that is a godsend to his students.

With an intuitive and penetrating mind, Paul has identified the mistakes common to most homeopaths and students, mistakes which cause confusion in understanding the patient, materia medica, case analysis, and the application of homeopathic principles. It is these mistakes that most often lead to the incorrect remedy.

While most of his students are doctors, several non-doctor homeopaths and students are accepted into his courses as well. How, you ask, can an experienced homeopath and a complete beginner sit in the same class and each benefit immensely from the course? Well, this is exactly what is happening (not to mention that students are thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process).

Paul can pull off this feat because he has something truly valuable to offer everyone. He explains profound homeopathic principles in practical, understandable terms. Not only is his teaching method ideal for beginners, his keen insight brings homeopathy into focus for experienced homeopaths as well. Simply put, he makes sense.

His teaching of materia medica is superb. Realizing that even experienced homeopaths commonly misperceive polycrest remedies in patients, he masterfully employs the use of videos to help teach materia medica, points of homeopathic philosophy, and the application of homeopathic principles. For example, after a fascinating lecture on a remedy, he may follow up with a video that explains yet another aspect of that remedy.”