New England School of Homeopathy

Portal Extension Access Fee Payment



If you need an extension, please be sure your request is accompanied by payment of the $50 Portal Extension Access Fee which can be made here:


This course was created to allow you maximum flexibility to integrate it into your life as best works for YOU and ALSO structured to keep you moving along at an ideal learning pace to complete it within the allotted 20 months.

We do understand that “life happens”, so if you are unable to complete any given Module (except the last Module, #10) within the allotted 2month access period, you will be allowed to pay a $50 Portal Access Extension Fee giving you ONE extra month to finish that Module. You will NOT be able to extend your access once a Module EXPIRES from your Student Portal on the Access End Date. SO if you do not think you’ll complete any given Module by that date, be sure to contact me and pay the $50 fee a minimum of 5 days prior to the expiration date to ensure continued access for one more month.

If you do not then complete that Module within that extra month, your access will permanently expire and you’ll proceed on without it. Note this access fee will apply to EVERY Module for which you require and request a month’s extension. The next Module will automatically load into your Portal as scheduled regardless of whether you finished the prior one and the Module Access End Date for that will not change. These resulting $50 access fees and the educational overwhelm can start to snow ball if you fall behind, so we strongly urge you to make every possible effort to stay on target within the allotted time frame of this course to maximize your educational benefits.