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From Educators:

As a teacher it is essential to know the fundamentals of the brain and how the brain learns, just as you would expect a mechanic to know the fine workings of your car. However, the brain is a very intricate organ that constantly perplexes us. As a teacher, you wonder how some children can easily process information, organize it and easily retell the main concept. Other children seem to not process the information at all, instead focusing on each individual word and missing the main idea completely. At this time, you would employ a multitude of strategies for reading, but many times, it does not work. The brain it would seem is too complex.

Dr. Herscu has developed exercises that focus the brain to see the larger totality, rather than the individual word or image. His exercises focus children to see the big picture, focus on the main ideas and focus on the deeper meaning. Using Dr. Herscu’s exercises children can no longer focus only on the tiny pieces of information in words or details in drawings, instead it encourages them to see the bigger context. This context is the key for them to process information in their brain, to categorize it, see patterns, and thus be able to retrieve the information later. These exercises are extremely valuable for parents, teachers and children, and have a multitude of practical uses that can be started immediately. In addition, after children develop confidence in the exercises, they will be using them at school to retain and acquire new information.

– Kirstin, 
Elementary School Teacher
, Indiana

From Parents:

Finally, a way for parents and students to make sense of reading comprehension. My son and I met with Dr. Herscu after hundreds of work sheets, graphic organizers, and hours upon hours of frustration. My son had become a good decoder, but when he read it was just that, words. Now with consistent practice in chunking, he is not only understanding what he reads but writing and testing better as well.

– Beth, 

Every parent teacher conference started the same way, “Your son has the capability to be an A student. I’m not sure why he gets low B’s and sometimes C’s on his tests and work.” Every teacher reported the same thing. It was quite frustrating as my son would study and do his work, yet the results were not showing his efforts. He would work hours on essays or any writing assignments.
When he received a low grade his entire self-esteem went down and he became quite dejected.
In June 2007, I took my son to see Dr. Paul Herscu. After telling Paul the story, he asked my son to copy a picture that he put by his side. Minutes later Paul asked him to draw that same picture without looking at it.
The results were exactly as Paul had predicted. My son remembered the details of the picture but did not get ‘the big picture.’

Dr. Herscu suggested my son follow a schedule of reading, highlighting words and writing sentences in a particular way in order to improve his ability to analyze and process the information. The first few days on this regime were quite difficult and time consuming for both my son and me. By the end of the first week however, his sentence structure and comprehension of the reading material had increased fourfold. He continued throughout the summer with this regimen. My son started 9th grade this past September. The third week of school he had a social studies test, normally his most difficult subject. When returning the papers, the U.S. history teacher commented that the best essay in the class belonged to my son who scored a 90% on his test. Needless to say, we are thrilled with the results of Dr. Herscu’s method for improving reading comprehension and analysis.
It not only boosted my son’s self-esteem, he is getting the A’s that he has been working for since third grade.
We are truly grateful.

– Mom, New York

I am so grateful for the help and advice Dr. Herscu gave my husband and me a few years ago. It has not only changed my son and chance of academic success but has affected our whole family.

During first and second grade, he would come home after school, and often have tantrums. We knew he was frustrated but his teachers felt he was doing ok. In 2nd grade, he started to exhibit signs of anxiety and was sent by our pediatrician to a child psychiatrist. He was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Counseling was suggested, it did not help.

In 3rd grade, everyday after school he would cry, saying he hated school. The school psychologist performed tests that indicated he had ADHD. There was some pressure by the school to try medication and it did not help but cause horrible side effects. At this point we decided to look into alternative learning environments and enrolled him in Montessori for 4th through 6th grade. This helped gain some confidence yet he still struggled.

Upon another recommendation, we had him tested for dyslexia. He was diagnosed by a teacher who worked at a school for dyslexia, as mildly dyslexic. During his three years at Montessori, all three of his teachers agreed that none of these “labels” applied to our son.

Fortunately, we sought Dr. Herscu’s help when in 5th grade it was obvious we needed to do something extra to help our son with his reading. He was patient and kind in explaining and teaching this method of helping our son with his reading comprehension to my husband. My husband worked diligently with our son and it made a drastic difference in his reading ability.

We spent so much time going to Doctors and trying many methods which were expensive, frustrating and depressing. Dr. Herscu has made this program easy to use and affordable!

I have my B.S. in Elementary Education and have seen many students who could have benefited from this program. After you try Dr. Herscu’s program, you will be as happy as our family is and most importantly your child’s happiness will grow.

– Teacher and Mother, Indiana

I have four children and am grateful to have finally found a practical and easy resource book to help my son.  From a young age, I felt there was something unique in the way my obviously bright son processed what he was hearing.  Now I know from reading Dr. Herscu’s book that he probably has an Auditory Processing Disorder.

I have often felt other people have viewed him as being naughty when not following through with what he has been asked to do.  I knew he wasn’t hearing all that was being said.

He gets easily confused and says, “I can’t do all that at once, you’re telling me too many things.”  When he was 9, I knew I had to have him repeat what I requested of him and break things down into smaller steps for him.  But this hasn’t helped in his problems in school.

Not only do I have a better way to help him now, but I feel validated in what I knew all along, that it wasn’t something he could help.

I am excited about the changes this is slowly making in all our lives and am grateful to have an affordable program to help my son.

– New York City Mother, Emergency Room Nurse

From Students:

I used to hate reading and for a whole school year my Dad would make me read with him every night. He did some exercises which helped me improve. This process usually takes awhile before you notice a difference. Eventually if you do this process you will be able to do it on your own without your parent’s help. Before I learned this program I received grades of C’s and D’s on my report card. But now, I made the high honor roll my first grading period in 7th grade, which is copied below. I am extremely proud of myself and grateful my Dad helped me. If you or someone you know has trouble reading, I advise you to buy this book. MATHEMATICS=A, SCIENCE=A+, LANGUAGE ARTS=A+, FRENCH 1=B+, BAND=A+, PHYSICAL ED=B+

–  7th Grader, Age 12, Middle School, Indiana