New England School of Homeopathy

Cycles and Segments Reviews

Edward Shalts, MD, DHt – Vice President, National Center for Homeopathy (New York City, NY): “As a homeopath with many years of prior experience and intensive schooling, I learned so much from Amy and Paul, both as homeopaths and as human beings. The model of Cycles and Segments opened an opportunity to ‘crack’ difficult cases and cruise through less challenging situations. I admire these people and highly recommend that both novices and more experienced homeopaths take their classes if at all possible.”

Sheila Frodermann, ND (Providence, RI): “Using the Herscu Cycles and Segments way of prescribing has given me richer understanding of our remedies as well as confidence in prescribing and following a case. I now use homeopathy daily in my practice. This course is a must for anyone who wishes to improve their accuracy in prescribing as well as their efficiency in locating the top 3-5 remedies in any case.”

Eric Doerfler, NP, MSN, CCH (Camp Hill, PA): “The system of Cycles and Segments provides an elegant explanation for homeopathic proving data that otherwise seems contradictory. The result is case taking and prescribing that goes beyond “pattern recognition” and offers the potential to move classical homeopathy to a higher level of reliability in practice. I have certainly found that to be the case in my practice.”

Patricia Mattingly, RN MSN NP (Aurora, NY): I think the Cycles and Segments approach is the most rationale, comprehensive and accurate way to find the remedy, and it pulls together all the random bits of homeopathic information I was storing in my brain, so thanks to you both!”

Ruth Galbraith, ND – President, New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors (Jaffrey, NH): “The system of Cycles and Segments has simplified my case taking and repertorization process immensely. I feel I am truly looking at the whole person now when I work on a case.”

Jill Kellner, Homeopath (Ithaca, NY): “Paul’s Cycles and Segments are invaluable to me in practice. Using this method brings clarity to cases that might otherwise be confusing and complicated. Cycles and Segments has helped innumerable times with my complex cases that lacked natural organization. Now I have a logical way to proceed, I can see and integrate pieces of the case that I might previously have missed.”

Vina Miller, RN (Honesdale, PA): “Homeopathy is a vast, confusing study. The beauty of the NESH classes is that relevant information (including theory, materia medica, repertory, live and video cases, understanding of the patient and oneself) is presented in an organized way, based on Paul’s elegant Cycles and Segments model. This model is an evolution of sound classical homeopathic principles of the past, and coordinates with a RADAR computer component that brings homeopathy into the future. These classes give me confidence that I can use homeopathy professionally and beneficially.”