New England School of Homeopathy

Letters to the Editor

The New England Journal of Homeopathy
Fall/Winter 1998, Vol.7 No.2

(This message was on the NEJH answering machine, 10/27/98.)

Dear NEJH,

This is a thank you. I just had a wonderful case of Vipera. (See Volume 7#1, pages 9-21) A kid had smashed his hand with a hammer. It was all swollen up and painful. All these acute remedies passed through my mind. But he was holding his hand up in the air. I asked him to put it down, and he didn’t like that one bit. The longer it was down, the worse pain he was in. So I gave him Vipera. First. And in less that 24 hours I saw him again and there was no swelling and he had no pain. This was after his getting progressively worse for three days. So thank you, thank you!

John Coppinger DO

Guysville, Ohio

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