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NESH Online Case Conference #1

Advanced Cases & Analysis for Complicated Patients:


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When we first sit down with a patient, regardless of their chief complaint, it is difficult to know if it will be a straight forward case or a more complicated one.

In October 2023, a fabulous group of current NESH students and alumni gathered together in person to enjoy one of our typical NESH Advanced Clinical Class Weekends. Over the course of 3 full days, we saw 10 patients, including an entire family of 4 struggling to find harmony and balance, as well as cases with chief complains including: aphasia, severe headaches, spasms, meningitis into coma, social anxiety, and irritable bowel. The complexity of each of these cases surprised us. This pre-recorded online case conference grew out of that experience.

This course contains a recording of the live patient cases AND the lectures from that weekend, plus additional videos and supplement materials. Here is your chance to FIRST work through each case yourself and THEN view both a video analysis AND the repertorization specifics done by Dr. Herscu for each one. It is the next best thing to having been in there in person and is the online clinical learning experience our NESH alumni have been requesting for years!

Available on-demand ONLY for our alumni who have completed a full course of study with NESH, students currently enrolled in our Two-Year Course, and those who have studied extensively with Drs. Herscu & Rothenberg abroad. Read what students who were there in-person said. (link forthcoming)

Join Dr. Paul Herscu for expert case taking, as well as methodical and revealing analyses. Review the differential materia medica that patients bring to life with their presence and description of symptoms contextualized in their lives. Benefit from years of experience with dosing and how to assess a remedy’s efficacy in the follow up setting. And watch patients get better!

Our goal is for this course to advance your case taking and case analysis skills by guiding you through the process to better:

a) summarize the process of using Cycles and Segments to guide case taking and case analysis.
b) differentiate among close remedies for a specific case and articulate reasons one remedy should be given over another.
c) repertorize cases efficiently with more skill and understanding.
d) appreciate that taking time and being methodical in case-taking, case analysis, repertorization, and remedy selection helps with correct remedy prescription.


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TUITION: $325 ($162 if you attended the October 20-22, 2023 weekend in-person, with SPECIAL DISCOUNTED rate of $90 for those who were there live if you enroll by December 1, 2023)

COURSE ACCESS: via the NESH Student Online Portal. You will have on-demand access to this approximately 22-hour course for 2 months. Enrollment can begin on the first day of any month of your choice, if you register before the 25th of the prior month.

ENROLLMENT: reserved for alumni who have completed a full course of study with NESH, students currently enrolled in our Two-Year Online Course, and those who have studied extensively with Drs. Herscu/Rothenberg abroad. Ask us if you are unsure if you qualify.

CE’s – this course has been pre-approved by:

ACHENA – for 15 CE hours through November 6, 2025.
• California Board of Naturopathic Medicine – for 21 General Live CE hours (based on verified course completion in full within our NESH Student Portal).
• Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine – for 18 General CE hours.

Additional Information about Continuing Education and Credentialing Hours


NOTE: while Dr. Herscu will use homeopathic software developed by him during this presentation as a teaching tool designed specifically to aid in case taking and analysis using the Herscu Cycles & Segments approach, the software itself will not be specifically discussed and NO computer repertory software of any type is required for this course.