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In addition to the comments below from a diverse selection of practitioners and students, click here if you would like to read how NESH ND students and alumni answered the following questions:

Why should I consider studying homeopathy / what will it do for my future ND practice?

What does studying with NESH offer beyond the homeopathy I’ll get or already received as part of my regular ND student curriculum?

You can also watch video clips of our students and alumni talking about their experiences studying with NESH & how it has impacted their practices.


“I can’t say enough about this class! I’m so happy I was finally able to take it. I have gained a deeper understanding of homeopathy, remedies, and a cycle within a remedy. Still working on creating in-depth cycles, but it’s getting there! I have noticed a difference in my case taking, and outcomes. Paul and Amy’s instruction, knowledge, experiences, and they themselves personally have made this one of the best classes I have ever had. I don’t want it to be ending. I hope there are more weekend classes planned for this fall, etc. I want to keep learning with them to continue to be a better homeopath.”

Kerry McCaslin, RSHom (NA) from Oak Harbor, WA
(NESH Seattle 2020-2021 Course)

“I came to NESH with very little knowledge of homeopathy. As a primary care physician, I wanted to learn more in order to advise my patients who were already taking homeopathic remedies. Little did I know that my practice of medicine would dramatically change from my study with Dr. Paul Herscu and Dr. Amy Rothenberg. In my study with them, I learned more about the practice of medicine than in my four years of medical school and five years of residency.

I thought that I knew medicine well; but there would always be a patient that presented to me, whom I knew I would never be able to help. Through my study with Paul and Amy, I began to understand all that I had been taught but with a completely different perspective. They taught me homeopathy, but they also changed the way I approach each and every patient. Through Paul’s Cycles and Segments approach to homeopathy, both the novice and the more advance homeopathic student readily gain an understanding of diagnosing and treating patients.

To say that Paul and Amy are experts in their field is obvious; but more than that, they have given the world a way of preserving health and maintaining wellness as well as curing disease. It is easy to classify them as two of the world’s leading homeopaths; but I believe it is in recognizing their gifts as teachers for which they should be truly honored. I am so fortunate to be one of their students, and each of my patients is benefiting from my study with Paul and Amy.”

Elizabeth Recupero, DO
Lambertville, NJ

“I look forward to the weekend NESH classes like they are vacations. I have yet to spend a single moment during class in which I’m not excited and engaged by what we are learning. I deeply appreciate the breadth of this class: its scope and utility go way beyond prescribing homeopathic remedies. I would recommend this class not just to anyone involved in internal medicine, but to students of psychology, biology, epidemiology, public health, and why not, even politicians.

This field is about the science of medicine, but it’s also about the science of biological behavior; individual and social, healthy and pathological. It’s about our relationship to ourselves, each other, and our world; it’s about individuality and commonality in function of the human organism. Best of all it combines the already rich history of homeopathy with a vital and passionate effort by Paul and Amy to move this medicine forward, and in so doing create a framework for medical thinking that is unifying and comprehensive. I’m not one for overly dramatic reviews, but I genuinely love this class, this medicine, and these teachers.”

Ryan Kirkby
AOM student, SIOM
Seattle, WA

“Homeopathy is a vast, confusing study. The beauty of the NESH classes is that relevant information (including theory, materia medica, repertory, live and video cases, understanding of the patient and oneself) is presented in an organized way, based on Paul’s elegant Cycles and Segments model. This model is an evolution of sound classical homeopathic principles of the past, and coordinates with a RADAR computer component that brings homeopathy into the future.

Amy and Paul share the teaching of the classes. Their object is that students learn the teacher’s process to find the correct remedy rather than just be in awe of the teacher’s knowledge. The biweekly Herscu Letters, which reiterate theory and the Cycles and Segments model, along with the meaningful homework, help students make the knowledge their own; yet there is no pressure to perform. Peers are encouraged to build a network for the future in a friendly classroom setting as well as at an evening social gathering each weekend. And best of all is that Paul and Amy are fabulous teachers, insightful clinicians, humble, funny, and theatrical when explaining a nuance. They draw on many years of experience with stunning anecdotal stories to imprint the remedy picture into students’ minds.

Newcomer to expert homeopath can benefit from the information offered here and find a framework to make sense of the puzzle of homeopathy. These classes give me confidence that I can use homeopathy professionally and beneficially for patients in the future and share its gentle healing ability with many more people.”

Vina Miller, RN
Honesdale, PA

“I began my adventure in homeopathy in 1988 as a veterinarian. Those first homeopathic courses changed my life as both a healer and a patient. But along with the ecstasy of glimpsing what it is like to understand the nature of a cure, came the irony of not truly understanding how to use this marvelous tool. Despite dozens of extensive courses with different homeopaths, what was so obviously missing was a method that could really allow homeopaths to achieve the goal that Hahnemann discussed in Pg 9, a gentle cure using easily comprehensible principles. Then three years ago came my second major transformation. After struggling for almost 20 years to find the key to easily finding the simillimum, I stumbled upon Paul Herscu’s use of Cycles and Segments as a way of understanding pathology. Now, as both a veterinarian and human acupuncture physician, I am realizing my dream of helping my four and two legged patients in a way that is efficient, effective and clear. This is the model we have all been waiting for. All homeopaths need to learn this method from this brilliant teacher.”

Peggy Fleming, DVM, AP
Dade City, FL

“Amy, maybe I haven’t expressed to you and Paul yet how important your work has been to me. I can honestly say it is the most important thing I have done in medicine, not homeopathy, but all of medicine. Your training has changed the way I practice. You have made me a much better doctor. You’ve not only taught me how to prescribe homeopathically, but how to evaluate any therapeutic I use in a logical and systematic way so that I can truly gauge the direction of cure.

Something I also wanted to say but I wasn’t sure how to express it was that it is you and Paul as people that make the class so great. Both your experiences as partners and parents, as well as doctors, is what keeps me coming back. I trust the two of you and that is so important in a mentor. You are both real people and you aren’t afraid to show warts and all. I know I can relax and just soak in the knowledge because I don’t have to filter where it is coming from.”

Chris Chlebowski DC, ND
Ashland, OR

“I began my study with Paul and Amy with no background in the medical field or homeopathy. The class atmosphere is a unique learning environment for the experienced professional and novice alike. The classes with a familial air are life changing experiences. As a cancer and liver transplant survivor I owe much to the Indiana University medical community. But, the recovery from surgery was eased and my present good health was helped to a great extent by the teachings and treatments from Paul and Amy.”

Randall Shields
Greenfield, IN

“Dear Amy and Paul,
I wanted to thank you for an incredible experience. I specifically wanted to thank you for a few things:

    1. Seeing how you work with patients. You have the ability to adapt and step outside of yourself in the way a good actor takes on a role. I think this is an incredible skill that I have rarely seen, so clearly.
    2. Information – providing us with a way to fit things into a model was so exciting for me. I only wish I had gotten that years ago. You have an incredible ability to see the big picture, while paying attention to each detail.
    3. Your excitement and passion is contagious. It made it so easy to sit for hours and hours, eager for more and more interesting information.
    4. Modeling being a homeopath was important for me to see, but more importantly the modeling of your life, allowing us into your space, home and community has given me a model of a way to be in life that is of incredible value.
    5. Thank you for being so patient, and playful, I had a great time each session.
    6.  Amy, I have taken classes since being out of school in other settings, but never have I felt so embraced and cared for. You get asked a lot of the questions that people have, your manner is so welcoming and enthusiastic it cannot help but make it easier for all of us. You have a gift of welcoming people as evidenced each Saturday night when we all made our selves at home in your home! You provided the comfort and guidance that made the difficult and questioning times much easier to deal with. You provided insight, perspective and logic to the repertory exercises for which I will be forever grateful.”

Michael Kane, ND
New Haven, CT

“The NESH course is excellent and to be highly recommended for beginning and experienced homeopathic practitioners alike. Dr. Herscu’s teaching is thorough, clear, concise, entertaining, and most importantly, practical. This course is designed to very rapidly impart a level of knowledge normally gained only after years of clinical experience.

Achieving a focus on the case, possessing a good working knowledge of materia medica, competently assessing the results of a homeopathic prescription – these are the basics of good homeopathic practice, and they are covered admirably. Students will unfailingly appreciate Dr. Herscu’s exceptional skill as a homeopath and teacher, and their practice will benefit enormously.”

George Guess, MD, DHt.
Charlottesville, VA

“Studying with Paul is a shortcut to excellence. He has a pragmatic style based on a rock solid philosophy that quickly allowed me to become an extremely competent Homeopath.

His teaching has enabled me to make “sense” out of homeopathy and thereby be able to rationally determine if a particular theory is sound or not. That ability has clearly translated into vastly improved results in the care of my patients.”

Todd Hoover, MD
Penn Valley, PA

“The 2 Year Course at NESH dramatically improved my skills as a homeopath. As a medical doctor, I was often frustrated by the lack of cohesiveness in the homeopathic classes I had taken. At NESH, homeopathy is taught as a science that can be integrated with the science of medicine today. The curriculum provided a solid scientific and historical foundation in homeopathy. This foundation was built upon with materia medica and repertorization skills according to Herscu’s Cycles and Segments approach. The result was a methodical approach to case taking, case analysis and repertorization. The teaching is interesting, well organized and supported with clinical examples including video cases and in class case taking. I highly recommend it.”

Janet R. Monnier, MD
Portland, OR

“My study with Dr. Herscu brought my understanding of homeopathy to a new level. The classic theoretical points of the science were put into sharper focus, and his theory of Cycles and Segments helped to rationalize my ongoing study of materia medica.

The system of Cycles and Segments provides an elegant explanation for homeopathic proving data that otherwise seems contradictory. The result is case taking and prescribing that goes beyond “pattern recognition” and offers the potential to move classical homeopathy to a higher level of reliability in practice. I have certainly found that to be the case in my practice. I now recommend study with at NESH to all serious students of classical homeopathy.”

Eric Doerfler, NP, MSN, CCH
Camp Hill, PA

“Paul Herscu is one of the guiding lights of contemporary homeopathy. He is a gifted prescriber and teacher who has forged a brilliant new system for the consistent and effective application of our healing art.

Dr. Herscu has built his system upon the foundations of our homeopathic heritage, creating a method that is dynamic and relevant for our times. I highly recommend his seminars for anyone seeking to increase their success in practice.”

Richard Mann, ND
Chair of Homeopathy Bastyr University

“Hi Dr. Rothenberg, I wanted to let you know that NESH is my favorite class. It has helped me tremendously to understand myself, my family, my friends, and patients. I also just started reading your book, The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice – I love how much you love our medicine – I can feel it in your writing (and I’m still only in the intro!).”

Rosia Parrish
ND Student at Bastyr University

“I learned homeopathy from Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg. The Cycles and Segments approach they teach is extremely useful making sense of patient complaints and arriving at a remedy that addresses the totality of their symptoms. I highly recommend Paul and Amy’s teaching for anyone beginning a study of homeopathy. The foundation the student gains in understanding the repertory and the materia medica, how to use the Cycles and Segments approach and how to apply this knowledge in helping people get better is invaluable.

It is a pleasure to learn homeopathy from Paul Herscu, a person I value as one of the leading homeopaths in the world. Paul’s method of teaching, a unique blend of instruction and participation, is engaging and effective. His grasp of material medica and repertory, along with his innovative Cycles and Segments greatly helps in uncovering the correct prescription for the patient.

Paul’s laid-back humor and his flare for the dramatic enables him to demonstrate the essence of remedies and the subtle distinctions between remedies. His deep understanding of classical homeopathy, along with his competence in communication and neuro-linguistic programming skills, greatly assists him in teaching case taking by modeling, instruction, and demonstration with real cases.

Amy Rothenberg is a humorous and terrifically effective teacher. Her skill in taking a case and repertorizing it on a computer as the case unfolds is truly amazing. Amy brings her keen intellect to the teaching and practice of homeopathy.

I highly recommend both Drs. Herscu and Rothenberg, remarkable teachers, dedicated homeopaths and people with deep human values.”

Jack Lawyer
Businessman, educator and lay student of homeopathy
Pompey, NY

“At the end of class Paul mentioned (I’m paraphrasing) that not only is the homeopathic pursuit a worthy endeavor because it helps our patients, but because it makes us, the practitioners, better people. I wanted to add that I think about this a lot, and I think one of the reasons I find this study to be so profound is because to me, in essence, it is a pursuit of truth. Upon finding the right remedy, the truth is revealed. Opinions fall away. Somehow I think of poetry. Thank you for the art”

Dre Rawlings
Ashfield, MA

“The NESH course provided me with a greatly increased understanding of not only homeopathy and medicine overall, but of humanity. It made me a better physician and homeopath – and it made me a better human being. What a rare opportunity indeed. Though Paul and Amy apply the same principles of homeopathic practice, their personalities and styles are quite different. Having an opportunity to learn from both of them – their writing, teaching, and especially their case taking and analysis – allows each student to begin to see how an individual style can develop and inform one’s capacity as a homeopath. This course was a place I made life long friends. About the Herscu Letter, which I began to receive as a student and have subscribed to through the years- over 120 issues thus far, I continue to be amazed at the astonishingly comprehensive homeopathic education it provides.”

Lysanji Edson, ND
Portland, OR

“Paul Herscu teaches a brilliant, comprehensive and practical approach to applied classical homeopathic philosophy. His video cases offer a new a unique perspective on constitutional images.”

Mitch Fleisher, MD, FAAFP
Nellyford, VA

“For anyone embarking on the path of learning homeopathy or wanting to grow in their understanding of homeopathy, I recommend only the classes offered by Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg at the New England School of Homeopathy. Their understanding of the materia medica is profound. Their passion for their work is apparent in every class. They are terrific teachers- the classes are stimulating, thought-provoking and provide a coherent and practical way of practicing case taking and remedy analysis. What they teach is classical, honest and very easily applied in my daily work with clients.”

Lee Wald, PA
Pembroke, NH

“I have had the privilege of attending Dr. Herscu’s postgraduate course in Homeopathy. Experiencing his clear, in depth understanding and portrayal of homeopathy and the materia medica has been most valuable. His explanations are insightful and clear, enabling students to rise to a much greater understanding of this profound art and science.”

Kerrie Leibendorfer, RN
Newton, MA

“As a homeopath with many years of prior experience and intensive schooling, I learned so much from Amy and Paul, both as homeopaths and as human beings. Shadowing Amy in her office and watching Paul taking cases in our classes was always inspiringly educational. The model of Cycles and Segments opened an opportunity to ‘crack’ difficult cases and cruise through less challenging situations. I admire these people and highly recommend that both novices and more experienced homeopaths take their classes if at all possible.”

Edward Shalts, MD, DHt.
Vice President, National Center for Homeopathy
New York City, NY

“Even after six years of study, four at the graduate level, and hundreds of hours on homeopathic clinic shifts, our science of homeopathy was a mere sea of confusion; I used it little in my own practice. Within a few classes, the NESH course enhanced my understanding and knowledge of homeopathy exponentially. Using the Herscu Cycles and Segments way of prescribing has given me richer understanding of our remedies as well as confidence in prescribing and following a case. I now use homeopathy daily in my practice. This course is a must for anyone who wishes to improve their accuracy in prescribing as well as their efficiency in locating the top 3-5 remedies in any case.

I also want to recommend The Herscu Letter. It is an excellent, modern-day expansion of homeopathic theory in the spirit of Hahnemann’s Organon. It has been a great way to be introduced to and really grasp the Herscu model of Cycles and Segments prescribing with case examples enhanced with in-depth materia medica. It is like receiving a bi-weekly pulse on one of today’s most forward thinking homeopaths. Like the NESH course, the Herscu Letters brings homeopathy alive.”

Sheila Frodermann, ND
Providence, RI

“I thoroughly enjoyed my two years at NESH. Drs. Amy Rothenberg and Paul Herscu are wonderful teachers. The course material helped expand my understanding of health and healing through homeopathy. Dr. Herscu’s clarity of thought, scientific models and teaching are phenomenal. Through Cycles and Segments I learned a powerful, unified method of understanding both my patients and materia medica. I still look forward to receiving my biweekly Herscu Letters, so that I can keep learning. Dr. Rothenberg is also an excellent teacher. She is charming and insightful. Her cases brought the remedies to life.

As a veterinarian I found my two years in this “human” course to have been very useful. Although I don’t have the luxury of using subjective sensations or emotions in my analyses I am better able to generalize the plethora of symptoms and categorize them into Segments. All in all, I heartily recommend the NESH course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of homeopathy.”

Jeff Feinman, VMD, CVH
Weston, Connecticut

“Paul’s Cycles and Segments are invaluable to me in practice. Using this method brings clarity to cases that might otherwise be confusing and complicated. Cycles and Segments has helped innumerable times with my complex cases that lacked natural organization. Now I have a logical way to proceed, I can see and integrate pieces of the case that I might previously have missed. I find this holistic perspective of Cycles and Segments invaluable not just in homeopathy, but in the comings and goings in all of the ‘Cycles and Segments’ of life!”

Jill Kellner, Homeopath
Ithaca, NY

“I’ve studied homeopathy with many fine teachers over a period of 20 years and NESH offers the most congruous teachings of homeopathy. Every homeopath and aspiring homeopath will be enlightened by this course and it is a ‘must do’ opportunity. They offer necessary information with a depth and dimension that our practice and understanding of homeopathy deserves. It gives treating the patient new meaning.”

Molly Kay McNally, PCHom
Lake Oswego, OR

“Taking the two year NESH course with Amy and Paul gave me the confidence I needed to start a homeopathy practice and the tools to be successful. Their Cycles and Segments approach provides the student with a tangible, rational way to take cases and solve them, resulting in a high success rate. Beyond this, they provide detailed instruction on follow up and long-term homeopathic care to ensure that once you’ve given the correct remedy, you keep the patient moving in the right direction. Amy and Paul teach a common-sense approach that works. Not only that but their talent and enthusiasm shows in their teaching. With each class, I felt fascinated, inspired and looking forward to the next class.

Judy Zeltserman
Classical Homeopath
Needham, MA

“I am enthusiastically excited about getting my practice up and running in earnest. I feel really fortunate to have chosen NESH … I think the cycles and segments approach is the most rationale, comprehensive and accurate way to find the remedy, and it pulls together all the random bits of homeopathic information I was storing in my brain, so thanks to you both!”

Patricia Mattingly, RN MSN NP
Aurora, NY

“Learning classical homeopathy at NESH with Amy & Paul thoroughly compensated having to cross the Atlantic Ocean twenty times. There is no doubt that the Cycle and Segments approach has increased my diagnostic accuracy.”

Salvador S. Coelho, MD

“I have just finished studying my third year with Paul and Amy and am excited about the fourth! They are consummate educators who love to share their experience and expertise. The class time is engaging with a pleasant mix of homeopathic philosophy, materia medica and case work. Paul’s work with Cycles and Segments makes learning homeopathy especially rewarding as it helps the budding homeopath come up with a more accurate remedy the first time. I highly recommend NESH for anyone interested in learning homeopathic medicine.”

Abby Beale
Corporate Educator
author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading
published by Alpha/Penguin
Wallingford, CT

“I had been studying homeopathy for nearly 4 years when I entered the NESH 2 Year Course. What I’m learning has helped me synthesize all the information that came before. The system of Cycles and Segments has simplified my case taking and repertorization process immensely. I feel I am truly looking at the whole person now when I work on a case. Amy and Paul are both captivating lecturers, and I find myself looking forward to each weekend course with great anticipation! Long after the lecture, I remember the pearls.”

Ruth Galbraith, ND
President, New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors
Jaffrey, NH

“NESH has been fundamental to my development of a holistic framework for understanding health and disease, expanding and deepening upon the philosophy courses I received as a naturopathic student. It is a framework that I use not only with homeopathy but with other aspects of medicine, keeping me somewhat grounded by helping me filter all the information coming at me as a student. Amy and Paul also keep the classes fun and entertaining and through them, I have developed a passion for homeopathy and greater appreciation of the many facets of human nature.”

Angie Lemke,
ND student, Bastyr University
Seattle, WA

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