New England School of Homeopathy

Portal Extension Access Fee Payment


NESH Student Portal Make up Access:

One of the benefits of our recent shift to virtual learning is that it has allowed our students to make up materials you have missed in a much more timely, flexible, and complete manner. We hope you are enjoying this option and ask that you be sure to coordinate the timing of that with us in a way that ensures you’ll be able to complete them during the allotted time frame.

When you are given access to recorded Sessions in your NESH Student Portal, you are also given a specific date the Session(s) will automatically expire from your Dashboard. You will have access to those Sessions through midnight on that date (regardless of what time zone you are in).

We are highly committed to you completing the course and have been supporting that opportunity for our students both financially and administratively. In order for us to continue to offer this option, we are asking that you commit on your end to completing your Sessions as scheduled.

We do understand that “life happens”, so IF you are unable to complete those materials before they expire and you need to have them reloaded into your Portal, there will now be a $25 access charge each time an extension is requested for any set of Sessions. While this is not something we really wanted to implement, the charge has become necessary as a way to help minimally offset and share the burden of the costs associated with ongoing Portal access.

If you do need an extension to the mutually agreed upon expiration date, please be sure your request is accompanied by payment of the $25 access charge which can be made here: