New England School of Homeopathy

NESH International Masters Program

Thank you for your interest in the New England School of Homeopathy International Masters Program. We are the longest continuous training program of classical homeopathy in the US and are grateful to celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2020. This letter will describe the goals and logistics of the program and should answer many of the questions you may have.

This is a highly specialized and limited program. Please contact us to receive tuition details and an application.

For A Sneak Preview… Join Drs. Amy Rothenberg & Paul Herscu for a FREE WEBINAR: Holism At The Heart Of Homeopathy, A Case Illustration. In this one hour webinar, they present an overview of their approach to homeopathic case taking and analysis using Cycles & Segments and illustrate using a case example. A mini lecture on the materia medica of Lac caninum also included! VIEW NOW!

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The International Masters Program is designed for both experienced homeopaths as well as beginners. It is open to physicians, nurses, acupuncturists, therapists, naturopathic, medical, acupuncture & chiropractic school students and serious lay people interested in the practice of classical homeopathy and who plan on becoming primary care homeopathic practitioners and teachers. We will be teaching all of the basics from philosophy and case-taking, history, to materia medica, repertory, case analysis, posology, legal and ethical considerations, and long-term follow-up care. And then proceed to in-depth advanced concepts which help translate the elegant philosophy of homeopathy into a successful and enjoyable practice. The program then focuses on specific therapeutic topics. This program assists practitioners to become teachers and leaders in the homeopathic field.

We emphasize the Herscu method of Cycles and Segments which informs all aspects of practice. Cycles and Segments is a tool which allows us to help our patients more efficiently and with better results; it enables us to focus case-taking and offers a practical way of organizing and analyzing information gathered. This approach allows for the satisfying study of materia medica which is deep and integrated without the cumbersome memorization of long lists of individual symptoms.

Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg, both 1986 graduates of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and well-known authors, lecturers and original thinkers in this field, are the instructors. They have taught the art & science of homeopathy to 1000’s of practitioners in the US & abroad for over 25 years.

The program comprises a fixed 600 hours, plus up to another 50 hours of specialization, separated into the following categories:

  1. Foundation Course: 180 hours in person, with tests
  2. Twelve Clinical courses: 240 hours in person, with tests
  3. Fifteen patient cases (anamnesis and analysis) written and reviewed: 45 hours to include home preparation and live oral review
  4. Fifteen supervised patient anamnesis and analysis: 45 hours to include live oral examination
  5. Home study of weekly Modules (Herscu Letter#1-135: (Please note, it will take 270 hours to complete the modules, but valued at 33% of time, or 90 hours)

We encourage communication among students through our private on-line class discussion group. Our goal is to create a supportive learning environment where deep understanding is attained in a culture of respect, questioning and debate such that when the class is completed, these relationships add to the overall health and dynamism of the homeopathic community at large.

Our goal is also that every graduate of our program go on to enjoy a successful and satisfying practice of homeopathy.

This program is extremely limited, please send in your application early. A welcome packet, information on travel and lodging and a pre-program reading list will be emailed out upon acceptance.

For a succinct introduction to the Cycles and Segment approach, read Paul’s Stramonium with an Introduction to Analysis through Cycles and Segments. Hundreds of homeopaths are applying this method to practice with rewarding results. It helps to make homeopathic practice less overwhelming and more enjoyable. To read up on cases which were treated in this fashion you can see either of the two issues of The New England Journal of Homeopathy (Volume 8, #’s 1 & 2). The cases in these two volumes reflect and illustrate this approach.

We invite you read through a case by Dr. Rothenberg to show how she uses the Cycles and Segments approach to avoid being inundated while taking the case, to clarify her thought process, to organize the information and finally, to select an effective remedy. She has included her impressions and elements of her thought process in this case to both share her inner process and to model how she uses Cycles and Segments to help guide her case-taking.

We look forward to learning with you and helping you further your understanding of, and commitment to homeopathy. Please contact us for more information.