New England School of Homeopathy

Foundation for Homeopathic Education

The Foundation for Homeopathic Education (FHE), a 501c nonprofit is dedicated to research, teaching and promotion of classical homeopathy. Founded by Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg, the FHE, among other accomplishments, has published the New England Journal of Homeopathy, supported research projects and Provings, and taught thousands of homeopaths the world over. Using a systems dynamics approach to homeopathy, Cycles and Segments, the FHE has made the art & science of homeopathy both more predictable and reproducible.

One focus of FHE’s funding is Herscu Laboratory’s Influenza Research Website. This site is devoted to influenza, and specifically to the use and public health application of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in influenza epidemics and pandemics.  This site serves both as repository for the resources and tools for treatment during epidemics, as well as a source of current influenza news updates. Within this site are hundreds of pages of work on influenza, spanning from 1991 to the present and covering aspects from treatment, to biology, to prevention. This site provides valuable and current information that is applicable to the treatment of individuals, as well as to the public health response in a pandemic situation.

Herscu Laboratory is in need of funding and donations to support current and future influenza research, as well as to efficiently make the results of this research available and usable through avenues such as this website. There is scant scientific evidence in the literature for the efficacy of homeopathy in specific disease areas. What is needed is more high quality clinical trials, and although we have begun this process with our own limited resources, funding for large scale trials is essential. Most of the effort that has gone into this work so far has been possible through the dedication of volunteers, and although that will continue to be the case, we cannot move ahead with larger scale research, monitoring and tracking, alongside database and infrastructure development, without new revenue streams.

All proceeds from the New England School of Homeopathy’s 8 Weekend Course in the Seattle, Washington area starting in January 2015, will be donated to The Foundation for Homeopathic Education and its work with Herscu Laboratory, a 501c nonprofit multi-disciplinary collaborative community devoted to high quality research. Areas of particular interest include: pediatrics, neurology, immunology, oncology, veterinary medicine, biology of complex systems, personalized medicine, integrative medicine and optimizing education for all kinds of learners.

Go to our donation page for information on how to donate to the foundation and additional details on how these funds will be used.