New England School of Homeopathy

Julian Winston NCH Service Award

Award Presented March 25, 2023

CONGRATS to 2023 Award Recipient: Dr. Amy Rothenberg

The Julian Winston NCH Service Award honors a person who has contributed substantially to the National Center for Homeopathy in a voluntary capacity.

“At the 2023 Joint American Homeopathic Conference in San Antonio, I was honored to receive this Award created in memory of Julian Winston whose galvanizing vision, intellect, humor, creativity, and indefatigable commitment helped pave the way for classical homeopathy in the US. Julian was a friend and early fan of my work, who forty years ago encouraged and cajoled me to write and teach even though I was super-young and didn’t know much. Hopefully I have made him proud.”
Amy Rothenberg ND, DHANP


Julian Winston at Amy & Paul’s home in May 1992 for a Saturday night NESH dinner, along with Suzanne Smith CCH, Duncan Soule MD, and others! (Amy in lower right)

More about the Award: (You can hear Dr. Grossman read this section on the video below. Or if you prefer, read here, then start the video at the 1:55 mark to hear Dr. Grossman speak about why Dr. Rothenberg was selected for this award followed by Dr. Rothenberg’s remarks at 4:48 mark.)

The Winston Award was created in memory of Julian Winston (1941-2005), whose galvanizing vision for classical homeopathy shaped the character, reach, and quality of the National Center for Homeopathy during its formative times. Julian lived his commitment to the highest standards in his work as an author, engineer, designer, publisher, historian, antiquarian, and musician, and brought the same dedication to his passion for homeopathy and the National Center.

Beyond his formal service as a board member, Julian served the NCH Summer School as Registrar from 1981 through 1987 and as Dean from 1988 until 1992. As editor for almost two decades, he developed the NCH Newsletter into Homeopathy Today Magazine, positioning NCH for further growth. His energy and galvanizing vision helped establish NCH firmly as a dependable and inclusive organization to educate and advocate for Hahnemannian homeopathy.


From the video above, here are a few things the NCH shared about Dr. Rothenberg:

* Amy Rothenberg has been delighting readers of Homeopathy Today in nearly every issue since 1987. Her vivid stories seem to roll effortlessly off the page, drawing us in—while at the same time, teaching us whole-person homeopathy and important life lessons. With quickness and intelligence, warmth and compassion, she inspires and guides us on the path to vitality—offering wise and practical counsel from her 30+ years of naturopathic practice.

* In addition to being an ever-popular presenter at NCH and JAHC conferences, Amy taught a week-long course at NCH Summer School for many years—Homeopathy 102. And it was none other than Julian Winston, Dean of the Summer School at the time, who selected her for this position. Amy was well-loved by Julian and her students for her lively, smart, animated teaching—and for how she kept brains sharp with frequent class breaks for singing, stretching, and moving.

Here are some actual student comments over the years:

* Amy is dynamic, uses animated examples, and clearly loves to teach.
* Amy was fabulous. She possesses the rare ability to take complex materials and present them to beginning students in a way which opens mental doors rather than creating a confusing maze.
* Her ability and willingness to answer questions, use examples from real life. Her energy level was perfect to keep the class engaged. The singing was also very uplifting!
* Instructor is energetic, fun, enthusiastic, very experienced, knowledgable with a great personality. Subject matter could have been tedious but Amy broke it up with song, laughter, anecdotes, and stories.

“Amy, you have gone out of your way to serve the National Center for Homeopathy as a writer for many years AND the greater homeopathy community, especially in the realm of education. We are immensely grateful. All in all, it gives us great pleasure to notify you that you have been selected for the Julian Winston NCH Service Award.” – NCH Board President Lauri Grossman DC, CCH, RSHom(NA)