New England School of Homeopathy

Provings, Volume II

An Annotated Selection of Historic & Contemporary Writings

by Dr. Paul Herscu, ND MPH

Provings, Volume II further clarifies the work of Provings, Volume I. Using original source materials, Dr. Herscu reviews each article and shows how a clear model finally answers many of the dilemmas that have plagued the testing of our medicines.

The volume ends with two original works: a description of an experiment that shows clear effects of homeopathy and a piece which lays out a distinct method of deciding which symptoms to accept during the course of a proving.

As Dr. Herscu stated in the Introduction:

” .. This is a compendium of articles and texts which incorporates much of our history as a profession as it relates to provings. It is the study of what our forebears went through on their way to understanding how to improve this process. It forms the bibliography of my own work on the topic of provings. What I would like to do here is restate the steps that Hahnemann began treading and then describe my own.

.. I wanted to read what my forebears wrote on the topic and how they conducted their provings. It actually turned out to take a long time to gather all the information together. I had to look in many places to get a full rounded historical accounting of this work. In fact, it took too long. The material should have been more readily accessible but it was not. One of the main reasons I present this second volume of provings is to streamline this effort for those who follow.”


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New England School of Homeopathy Press, Amherst, MA, 2002. 434 pages. Soft cover. ISBN# 0-9654004-6-8

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