New England School of Homeopathy

Treating Challenging Children:

Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism and Behavior Problems

A Two Day Seminar from Toronto, Canada
March, 2003
by Paul Herscu ND

Studying homeopathy with Dr. Paul Herscu has been called “a shortcut to excellence.” His approach will bring new clarity to your case-taking and fine-tuned precision to your prescribing.

In this 10 hour video tape set (VHS), Dr. Herscu will teach his innovative model for constitutional homeopathy called Cycles and Segments. Dr. Herscu developed the concept of Cycles and Segments through careful examination of both cured cases and those where mistakes were made.

After presenting the foundation concepts, Dr. Herscu presents their clinical application, sharing from his experience with countless children suffering from:

pervasive developmental delay
oppositional and defiant personality disorders
violent and inappropriate behavior

Specific topics addressed are:

Case taking of the child
Case taking with care-givers
Case Analysis and Repertorizing using Cycles and Segments
Materia Medica study using Cycles and Segments
Expectations for long-term follow up

When a troubled child comes to you for treatment, the family may have tried other therapies with little or no effect. Homeopathy can make a big difference for both these children and their families, and your ability to provide effective treatment will be greatly enhanced by applying the clinically based Cycles and Segments approach.

This video set will be invaluable for both the student of homeopathy and the seasoned homeopathic practitioner.

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