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Vassilis Ghegas Tapes

Discontinued – SOLD OUT

America – March 1994 18 tape set – $175.00Contents Include:
Homeopathic Philosophy, Complementary Rx’s, Complementing Remedies in Acute Illness, Case Bone Cancer Long Term Follow-up Strategy, Stannum, Helonius, Selenium, Capsicum
Live cases: CFS, Alumen, G-Nephritis Conium maculatum, Ranunculus bulbosus Alumina, Cuprum metallicum After Infex mono, Head injuries, Cicuta
Holland – November 1993
20 tape set – $175.00
Contents Include:
Cancer Case: Specific Remedies
Case Studies and Questions
Glonoinum, Cina
Nux Moschata, Bovista
MS Live cases
Liver conditions
Cape Cod 1996
18 tape set – $160.00
Contents Include: Alumina, Pulsatilla, Asthma
Treatment of Cancer
Long Term Follow-up Homeopathic Philosophy
Acute Treatment during Chronic Disease
Cape Cod 1997
16 tape set – $160.00
Contents Include:
Long Term Follow-up and Treatment
Homeopathic Philosophy
Treatment of Cancer
Complementary Remedies
Foundations in Homeopathy
10 tape set – $90.00
Contents Include:
How to take the case Sulphur, Staphysagria, Sepia, Phosphoric acid
This set from Vassilis’ lectures in Holland and Great Britain. The materia medica is both in-depth and extensive, with numerous case examples to help you identify these remedies with ease. The lecture on case taking is a classic.
Wild Things (Holland 1993 & 1994)
10 tape set – $90.00
Contents Include:
Tarentula hispanica,
Veratrum album,
Be forewarned! These lectures, like the subject matter are very intense. These tapes cover advanced materia medica of remedies that are becoming more and more important in today’s world.

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