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Subscribing to the Herscu Letter

Thank you for your interest in subscribing to the Herscu Letter. Setting up your subscription will only take a few minutes. Herscu Letters are sent out via email twice per month, on approximately the first and third Thursdays of each month. Once your subscription is set up, your subscription will start at the beginning of the upcoming month with Herscu Letter #1.

Payments are made monthly, so there is no long term commitment. Any requested changes to your subscription status will become effective at the beginning of the following month.

You have two options of how to subscribe:

1)     The easiest way to subscribe to the Letter is to download this electronic subscription form and pay for your subscription via Paypal. The downloaded form will open in Word. You’ll be able to fill in the blank fields, save the document and email it back to us. Then use the subscribe button below to set up your monthly $19 Paypal payment.

(All new subscribers must complete & submit a subscription form, in addition to setting up the monthly Paypal payment.)

2)     You may instead download, print and complete this subscription form by hand. Then mail or fax it back to us to begin your subscription. This option is for those of you that would like to pay $19 per month via credit card (Visa, Mastercard & Discover), rather than via Paypal.

If you’d like us to mail you a hard copy of the subscription form, email us with you current contact information, and we’d be happy to do so.

Most subscribers find that receiving 2 Herscu Letters per month works well for them. However, if you have extra time for reading & would like to work through them more quickly than twice per month, email us to learn about receiving blocks of Letters “on demand”.