New England School of Homeopathy

Vol. 7, No. 1 – Spring/Summer 1998

Vol. 7, No. 1
Spring/Summer 1998

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Kudos/Setting Limits
Linda Walker

LM Potency
Monica Robinson BRCP


Featured Sample Article: The Cycle of Vipera
Paul Herscu, ND, MPH

A Taxonomy of Hoeopathic Snakes
Michael Thomson RSHom, FSHom

The Taxicology of the Loxosceles Reclusa: The Brown Recluse Spider
M.S. Bonnet Bsc., MB, ChB


A Case of a Lyme Related Neuropathy  (case of Neuralgia / Lyme Disease, treated with Spigelia)
Larry Malerba DO

Lyme with the Desire to Kill  (case of Lyme Disease, treated with Mercurius)
Beth Rotundo

A Subacute Case of Lyme Disease (case of Lyme Disease, treated with Lachesis)
George Guess MD, DHt

Trigeminal Neuralgia and Palpitations from Lyme Disease  (case of Lyme Disease, treated with Spigelia)
Howard Fine ND

A Small Remedy in (Alleged) Lyme Disease in a Dog (case of Lyme Disease, treated with Euphorbium)
Jeff Levy DVM

Treating Pertussis with Homeopathy: Three Cases (case of Pertussis, treated with Nitric acidum / Sepia / Arnica Montana)
Greg Thompson DO

Featured Sample Article
Myalgic Encephalitis
(case of Encephalitis, treated with Onosmodium)
Todd Hoover MD

Three Cases of Severe Dermatitis of the Legs and Feet (case of Dermatitis, treated with Vipera)
Steven I. Subotnick DPM, DC

A Vipera Case (case of Nose Bleeds, treated with Vipera)
Michael Thompson RSHom, FSHom

A Giardia Case (case of Giardia, treated with Medorrhinum)
Lynn Farrugia CCH

The Treatment of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak: Two Cases (case of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, treated with Sanguinaria / Graphites)
Joel Kreisberg DC, DNBHE, CCH

My Personal Experiences with Poison Oak  (case of Poison Oak, treated with miscellaneous remedies)
Roger C. Barr

Root Canal and Homeopathy  (case of a Root Canal, treated with Magnesia carbonica)
David L. Stephenson DDS, L.Ac.


Homeopaths without Borders: The Primacy of Primary Care
Martien Brands MD

Sharing Information in Epidemics – Implications for Practitioners
Todd Hoover MD

Featured Sample Article
Influenza – 1918: Homeopathy to the Rescue

Julian Winston

A Homeopathic Travel Story
Sara Murname


Naturopathic Treatment of Parasitic Infections
Brett D. Jacques N.D.


Don’t Count Your Money When You’re Sitting at the Table
Chris Ryan MD and Jane Greene CNM

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