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Thoughts on Epidemics from a Clinical Physician written January 6, 2020

Upper Respiratory Tract infections in January 2020 by Paul Herscu ND, MPH

These three observations involving the current viral illnesses follow last week’s observation.

First, Gelsemium still seems to be the main remedy for the symptoms of the cold, with the same picture mentioned before, though with more of a cough now. And just to highlight the main point I made last time, it seems as though those taking Gelsemium feel pretty good in 4-5 days, versus the 9-12 days that others suffer. And the main mistake we see people making is switching remedies too soon. Pick the best fit remedy and stick with it. The symptoms are a runny nose, mostly with a bland clear discharge, a great deal of frontal sinus pressure which leads to a congestive headache, extreme weakness, feeling wiped out, exhausted with some body aches. Low fever of 99-I00.5, along with an incessant cough.

The second comment is on the more severe gastrointestinal viral infection just now (see below as well). This ‘stomach flu’ is characterized primarily by really violent intense vomiting. The most common remedy is still Mercurius, though some improved with Ars-a (Hint: Chilly better warm drink), Colch (Hint: Much worse from smells), Ip (Hint: Not better by vomiting), but mostly still Mercurius, with the symptoms mentioned last week. The symptoms for Mercurius are still mostly not accompanied by constipation or diarrhea. There are chills and sweats and fever with this. Mostly a clear to slightly yellow mossy coating on the whole tongue and a slight swelling of the tongue forming scalloped edges. They cannot stand anything in the stomach, not better hot or cold, though hot is worse.

The third comment is for the more severe influenza-like-illness. The remedy that seems to be most helpful is still Eupatorium perfoliatum. But Bryonia is now coming up as second choice. The main difference being the severe aggravation from motion found in Bryonia, and not so much aggravation from movement in Eupatorium. The symptoms of Eupatorium are still headache, eye pressure and pain, sinus congestion, severe body aches that migrate from hips to back to extremities in any order, extreme weakness, potentially with nausea and vomiting though not as severe as I describe above, fevers range from 99-102. Not thirsty or hungry. Not especially chilly or warm, though slightly more chilly than warm. In many ways, the most striking symptoms are the muscle aches and headaches. Please also note the comments I made differentiating this remedy from other remedies in the last post.

Needless to say, take any antiviral herbs/vitamins that you know about, keep your diet clean, insure adequate sleep and if you do fall ill, make sure that someone is attending to you so that you have proper care.

Lastly, Amy and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy 2020,

Kind regards,

Paul Herscu ND, MPH