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Created Especially for Our NESH Alumni


Guided Case Studies in Theory & Practice: Diving into Polycrests


12 Month “Synchronous” Online Course:
beginning January 1, 2024
ending December 31, 2024


TUITION: $575. Contact us to register.

Enrollment is reserved for alumni who have completed a full course of study with NESH, students currently enrolled in our Two-Year Online Course, and those who have studied extensively with Drs. Herscu/Rothenberg abroad. Ask us if you are unsure if you qualify.


Send us a photo of what your desk looks like when you are studying homeopathy or analyzing a case!

Take Your Case Analysis Capacity to the Next Level

Join us for this brand new cased-based learning series, where you’ll actively integrate your homeopathic knowledge and improve your ability to think through cases and prescribe. Using real patients from our decades-long practice, you will have the opportunity to parse out symptoms, find rubrics, think about differential materia medica, consider potencies and follow-up, and ask the important questions generated by case studies. Advancing from where the NESH Two-Year Course leaves off, this series allows us the opportunity to review and deepen our understanding and application of all the work we’ve done together throughout these 33+ years – further helping translate theory into practice. Relevant for all levels of experience.

​The learning objectives for this course are to advance your case analysis skills by guiding you through the process in order to:

​• Gain a great deal of practical experience in a very short period of time by walking through many case examples, each illustrating multiple main points we talked about in the NESH Two-Year Course.
• Increase your confidence in identifying how patients who need polycrest remedies present in practice in order to more effectively recognize those patterns and get to the remedy more quickly.
• Expand your familiarity with the repertory language through the presentation of numerous examples of rubrics that could have been used for each main idea (Segment) in the cases studied.

How it will work:

This 12-Month Course beginning January 1, 2024 and ending December 31, 2024 will be divided into six Modules.

You’ll have access to each Module on-demand for 2 months via the NESH Student Portal, flexibly allowing you to work through the materials and each case presented at your own pace.

ALL the materials for any given Module will be loaded into your Portal on the first day of that Module (ie. January 1st, March 1st, May 1st, etc.) and expire on the last day of that Module (ie. February 29th, April 30th, June 30th, etc.).

The more things change, the more things stay the same … true for Paul and chocolate at least!

Each Module will present roughly 5-7 written/verbal case descriptions focusing on polycrest remedies which are more common in a “typical” practice. These cases will also be selected to highlight and address some specific point of theory.

For each case, we’ll encourage you to work through the process you’ve learned in class: What needs to be fixed? What are some main ideas (Segments)? Can you see how they might fit together (Cycle)? Select rubrics to help narrow down your choices to a handful of remedies. Using your knowledge of materia medica, consider what your top 3 remedies for each case might be. What remedy would you want to give the patient?

That will be followed by Dr. Herscu’s case analysis, remedy/potency selection, and follow-up, which will pause occasionally to ask you to decide what you would do next before reading what he did.

Throughout there will be additional video commentary from Dr. Herscu illuminating larger theoretical points and materia medica insights relevant to the case, as well as offering additional thoughts about the specific case analysis and follow up for that patient.

For the “​synchronous” version of this course, each Module will conclude with a Live Zoom Session, including group discussions and time for questions to gain further insight from Drs. Herscu. Each of these 6 Live Sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend live.

NOTE: while Dr. Herscu will use homeopathic software developed by him during this presentation as a teaching tool designed specifically to aid in case taking and analysis using the Herscu Cycles & Segments approach, the software itself will not be specifically discussed and NO computer repertory software of any type is required for this course.

We are excited by the opportunity to work more closely with you in this format to allow us to continue to meet you “where you are” in your individual learning process and to help advance your studies and practice to the next level!

TUITION: $575. Contact us to register.

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Extra BONUS Feature: enrollment in this course includes optional 12-month access to Herscu Module Software Demos in the NESH Student Portal. These are recordings of Live Sessions demonstrating the technical use of the software for our online students. Many of our alumni have been asking for a software refresher – so here’s your chance! (NOTE: this is NOT part of the course curriculum and is set up as an entirely separate and optional Module in the NESH Portal. Computer repertory software of any type is NOT required for this course.)