New England School of Homeopathy

Two-Year ONLINE Course: February 2025 – September 2026

Develop Expertise in Homeopathy

Throughout this course we are offering a more personalized learning experience by offering office hours to be able to chat directly with Drs. Herscu and Rothenberg, as well as a supportive community forum built into our student portal. Our aim is to meet you “where you are” in your individual learning process and help advance your studies and practice to the next level.

Reap the Benefits of ONLINE learning with Amy Rothenberg ND, DHANP & Paul Herscu ND, MPH, DHANP:

More content than our typical Two-Year NESH in-person course, allowing for the opportunity to hear and engage with overall course theory and specific materia medica in greater breadth and depth.

Participate from anywhere in the world without the time and expenses required to travel.

Immerse yourself in a course taught by naturopathic physicians with 70+ years of  cumulative experience of integrating constitutional homeopathy into their practice, while still being 100% relevant to those outside the ND community.

Flexibly work through the materials on-demand at your own pace while still enabling you to be part of a supportive community AND enjoy live Q&A session with the instructors.

Complete the course sequentially without having to make up missed weekends at a future date.

Purchase highly discounted homeopathic repertory software available only to our students (a savings of over $1000).

Continuing Education and Credentialing hours available for many

Participate in various Clinical Case-based Classes (available only to NESH Alumni: often offering online and in person options!)

Partial tuition scholarships available for certain full-time students, 2023 graduates, and full-time medical school residents. Contact us for scholarship criteria and how to apply.

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This Two-Year Online Course is designed for both for experienced practitioners as well as students new to homeopathy. It is open to naturopathic, osteopathic, chiropractic, and medical physicians, nurses, mental health professionals, acupuncturists, veterinarians, clinical nutritionists, herbalists, all medical school students, and serious lay people interested in the practice of classical homeopathy. If you are new to homeopathy, our new Foundations of Homeopathy: Level 1 Course might help get you started.

We will be teaching all of the basics from philosophy and case-taking to materia medica, repertory, case analysis and long-term follow-up care. And then proceed quickly to more advanced concepts which help translate the elegant philosophy of homeopathy into a successful and enjoyable practice. This method also assists practitioners in evaluating any other therapeutics in a logical and systematic way to gauge the direction of cure.

Take this course if you wish to
Nourish your love and passion for homeopathy regardless of your current level of experience
Understand homeopathic remedies in a concise, yet robust and clinically relevant way without the memorization of long lists of symptoms
Learn a streamlined approach to case taking and analysis to bring efficacy and efficiency into your prescribing
Confidently integrate homeopathy into your current or future practice
Enroll in a quality program of study paced to work with your busy life

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We emphasize the Herscu method of Cycles and Segments which informs all aspects of practice. Cycles and Segments is a tool which allows us to help our patients more efficiently and with better results; it enables us to focus case-taking and offers a practical way of organizing and analyzing information gathered. This approach allows for the satisfying study of materia medica which is deep, integrated, and clinically relevant without the cumbersome memorization of long lists of individual symptoms.

Course instructors Paul Herscu ND, DHANP, MPH and Amy Rothenberg ND, DHANP, well-known authors, lecturers, and original thinkers in this field, are both 1986 graduates of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (now NUNM) and have taught the art and science of homeopathy to 1000’s of practitioners in the US & abroad for over thirty-two years.

For an in-depth introduction to the Cycles and Segment approach, read Dr. Herscu’s Stramonium with an Introduction to Analysis through Cycles and Segments. Hundreds of homeopaths are applying this method to practice with rewarding results. It helps to make homeopathic practice less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

We look forward to learning with you and helping you further your understanding of, and commitment to, homeopathy. Please contact us for more information. Share on Facebook

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