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NESH – The First 30 Years! Our new Case Based On-Line Learning Series: What our Alumni have to say

We are all learning to do things a little differently these days.

Adapting to offering continuing education for our NESH alumni in an entirely on-line format has been exciting, challenging, and ultimately, very rewarding. While we continuously strive to evolve and improve on what we’ve done in the past, we are very happy to say that this NESH on-line learning experience has successfully launched – meeting our collective needs for public health safety while upholding the quality, content, and community intrinsic to in-person NESH classes.

The comments below are gathered from our Case Based On-Line Learning Series which began in June 2020. We invite you to learn more about our alumni by clicking on their names where possible, as you also enjoy reading about their experiences taking this course!

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The New England School of Homeopathy is the best program for learning practical homeopathic case skills that can be replicated. The teaching stays true to classical homeopathic principles while the module tool compensates for the limitations of the repertory, this is an incredible combination that produces repeated results. This casework addition is most beneficial, to put years of this education into a deeper practice. And surprisingly the online system they have created has raised the bar to a higher level of integration, this has been extremely helpful. Best, most practical homeopathy education out there.
     – Autumn Louise Schaefer, CCH, CHC (Portland, OR)

I have to say this was excellent – love this format. I really found it super helpful and the I thought the break out rooms were awesome. I hope y’all keep this format – 3 hrs, one day in the weekend (as opposed to the whole weekend) – makes it feel more doable for commitment piece. Short assignments between classes, cases sent out ahead of the class, and follow up notes sent after the class.  What’s not to love?
     – Allison Willette RN, ND (Hadley, MA)

Thoroughly enjoyed the NESH session today online with Paul and Amy. Absolutely the very next best thing to seeing them live. Three great cases plus new materia medica giving us a better understanding of the remedy picture of Ipecacuanha. So glad we signed upLoved seeing everyone and cannot wait for the next one. 
     – Monica Robinson MBRCP Hom & Tony Robinson MBRCP Hom (West Yorkshire, England)

It was just splendid and so worthwhile as usual. I love you both for doing all this all the time and keeping the fire of homeopathy alive in all of us!
     – Julie Forbes ND (North Bridgton, ME)

This series is so great!!! I love working through cases, it is really a helpful way to learn, since it’s so close to what it’s like in clinic. It’s also a great way to get my brain back into cycles and segments work. I also loved the breakout sessions, they seem to work really well and it’s fun to hear others’ thoughts on the cases and meet new people. It feels like it’s an ideal blend of casework, lecture and group work. Thank you!
     – Melinda Nickels ND, LAc (Vancouver, WA)

Thank you!! How thoughtful and generous of Paul, Amy, and Kim to share all this material. I really feel pampered! I loved the session and am looking forward to the next!
     – Andrea Weninger MD (Freiburg, Germany)

I am so excited for this! Now that I’ve moved back to the Midwest, it’s been hard to travel for clinical classes and I’m pumped for the upcoming sessions! The two 3 hour segments are wonderfully convenient making continuing education so much more enjoyable and easier to manage with a busy schedule. Thank you all for coordinating online classes!
     – Angela Karvounides ND (Stow, OH)

The session yesterday was great and such a lot of useful information. I am so pleased they are having further sessions in August. I was feeling really starved of time with the homeopathic community.  
     – CCH from Saint Louis, MO

I am so very grateful for NESH’s intelligence, kindness, an educational team far and above any other. I cannot say enough about what wonderful educators Paul and Amy are and what they have meant for me professionally and personally. So grateful.
     – Amy Johnson ND (Portland, OR)

Perfect way to check in to refresh and remind us of things we have learned and give something fresh for our brains to chew on. # hours is wonderful amount of time.
     – ND from Hedgesville, WV

I look forward to more of these! I appreciate that Amy and Paul and the rest of the team are organizing these opportunities at this time when in-person camaraderie is not possible. It is lovely to be in touch with such a compassionate community.
     – Deb Ganster VMD, LicAc, CCH (South Berwick, ME)

Thank you so much for this! I am beyond thrilled to be able to take these classes. A clinical weekend would not have been possible for me so this is an absolute privilege and joy! It has been an absolute pleasure and delight to study with Amy and Paul during this time!
     – Chris Cooke ND (Portland, OR)

I loved the online format and was so happy you were able to do this! I hope that you guys will continue this even after things return back to “normal,” since it’s not always feasible to make it up to Amherst, and learning from you consistently really helps solidify the connections you teach.
     – MS, CNS, CCH from Holmdel, NJ

Fantastic as always! Thank you! I always learn so much from NESH classes; they are always widely applicable to practice and rich in clinical pearls.  
     – Kirsten Carle ND (Latham, NY)

I love listening/learning from you both – thanks so much for your work! This format is tremendous – ideal for me personally. Sadly, it’s hard to be there real-time, but it’s great learning I can do when my kids go to bed. Keep it going – love the format!
     – Ethan Rohde ND, MSAOM (Bellevue, WA)

I watched the RE-RUN of the second session, thank you very much – I found it really interesting and informative.
     – from West Yorkshire, England

Many, many thanks for compiling these cases, and to those willing to share their health journey with all of us; the presentations are a gift, with many lessons effectively compacted and embedded throughout the material. The new platform is easy to use; provides a nice review. I enjoyed the variety of cases around a single ‘Diagnosis’. Enjoyed the breakout segments and the chance to ‘see’ and ‘interact’ with old friends – as good as it gets during COVID quarantining. Keep it coming. You are both brilliant masters from whom we love to learn.  As always, thank you for all you do, all you teach and prefect, model and bring forth,  and for your dedication to teaching the art of homeopathy. The world is a better place for all you have done for homeopathy, for naturopathic medicine, for the health of naturopathic physicians and all of our patients (and yours!). We hope you live (well) forever.
     – Sheila Frodermann MS, ND, DHANP, CCH (Providence, RI)

Always so fun and personally meaningful to learn with you guys. Listening always makes the world and my world make more sense, and not much does these days. I am so happy this is a part, a big part, of my life. Joining these classes ground me, brings me back to myself, my interest, what intrigues me. I love understanding life through this process. For me, it is not the technology that connects us, really, it is something much more powerful in our human spirit collectively that makes this zoom class something special in these uncertain confusing times we all find ourselves in together. NESH classes have continued to inspire me to keep learning through the most difficult times in my life. Thank you for accelerating my learning on so many topics.

This Anxiety class touches the heart deeply and is captivating. As expected it is well organized, honest, and engaging with many teaching strategies and life skill modeling which really exemplifies the care that is taken and the love for this work. It is so much more than learning materia medica, remedy differentiating, or how to apply Cycles and Segments in your practice in the middle of our Pandemic. This class contains so many gifts about life and is just in time. There is a particular openness, warmth and depth, joy through grief, and hard work exhaustion wrapped in beauty, passion and wisdom to this last class, the reality of our teachers personal experience working in this 2020 COVID marathon to help the health of us all. Thank you thank you thank you!
     – Angel Rubino OT (Woodstock, VT)

I did really enjoy the clinic class, looking forward to the next one. The online format was nice.
     – ND from Newton, CT

I was very impressed with the seminar, especially when we were split into small groups so that could actually talk to other homeopaths, also it helped to have a change. I think that NESH is well ahead of the game with this modern technology because I have mentioned it to a lot of people and even those who use Zoom for business weren’t aware of the breakaway groups and were all very impressed. By the way it was a good coincidence that I attended this seminar because I had a new patient yesterday and she is totally the sort of patient who will benefit from the knowledge I, hopefully, gained last weekend. 
     – Merran Sell (Surrey, England)

Wow, that was great! I love learning about different remedies and connecting it to a patient’s case. All in all a great course and reminder of Cycles and Segments! I always appreciate learning from Dr. Herscu and Dr. Rothenberg.
     – Deanna Weiss ND (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Thank you for spending the time with us via Zoom these past months. I so appreciate your wisdom and perspective and can honestly say that it is helping me stay grounded during this very variable and uncertain year. I can find myself very impacted by the “sad stories” that abound in the news (or even just in Portland) and hearing a less emotionally fraught perspective is so beneficial. For my own part, I just try to keep my head down and do what I can to help the people in my office or my family or my block, and not engage in the pieces of reality that are so distressing but that I can’t actually affect… not a perfect strategy, but hopefully helping me keep my head above water. Thank you for being there!

It really helps me to watch and review cases. If I were doing the 2005-2006 or the 2007-2008 classes over, I would take notes on all the cases we saw in class or on video and what I noticed in addition to what Paul/Amy did when case taking. I didn’t understand then what I would find useful to go back to later, and I miss those tidbits! I remember things very well by stories! That said, I had never heard of homeopathy when I joined the 2005 class.  So, while I’ve been slow to build my framework, I feel like I am finally able to better fit pieces together from what Paul and Amy teach into my own practice. Materia Medica from the Cycles and Segments perspective makes so much more sense to me than just reading lists of symptoms. I so appreciate learning the cycles of the remedies with specific rubrics and how to put it together to think about the whole person.  More of this is always welcome.
     – Kitt Guaraldi ND (Portland, OR)

I really enjoyed it – I learnt a lot about Ipecac.
     – Sharon McMahon MBRCP Hom (West Yorkshire, England)

It was fantastic as always. Hopefully I can make the live viewing next time. Thank you!
     – Amanda Blandford ND, LMT (Rockford, MI)

Thanks so much y’all Amy and Paul, it was great seeing you. Kim, thanks for your wonderful work getting this set up. Thanks also to everyone for embracing the digital world. I look forward to August’s session.
     – Jeff Feinman VMD, CVH (Weston, CT)

NESH has really upped its game in 2020 with the dashboard, etc. Well done! I LOVED this format (zoom) and delivery: 3 hours per section at home! It was well organized and broken up into time segments that weren’t too fatiguing to take in. I prefer this to the in-person trainings, except for the dinners and camaraderie, of course!
     – Greta D’Amico ND (Auburn, CA)

It was great, really good info and so nice to see everyone’s faces at the end! I’m thankful that they did it via Zoom in light of CoVid. Thanks BUNCHES!
     – Jeanne Fuqua ND, LAc (Wethersfield, CT)

I think the 3 hours is about right for Zoom, as longer sessions can be tiring. Cases to read in advance and homework – good to get the thought process going again.
     – Mary Imlah (Rowlands Gill, England)

I viewed the information and loved it. Thank you!
     – from Virginia Beach, VA

So good to get to be part of this. Thank you for setting this up – I know the work that goes into organizing these things. Looking forward to the next one!
     – CHom from Whispering Pines, NC

I really enjoyed the break-out sessions. In a time when travel is not allowed or easily accessible it made me feel a renewed sense of freedom and joy when I was able to meet a fellow student from a different part of the world! Also, the lecture slides on anxiety are proving invaluable in practice. Thank you for doing these classes!
     – Christine Willi ND (Bainbridge Island, WA)

Thank you so much for offering these clinical classes during this stressful time. Even though I only have a very small practice, mostly family, it has really helped to keep me grounded when I have had to prescribe a remedy during the past six months.
     – Elizabeth Crowe (Kennebunkport, ME)

The class was wonderful and thank you so much for your wonderful organization, sending explicit directions, and being present for us!! Can’t wait for next one! 
     – Naomi Zeskind (Charlotte, NC)

It was so useful to have had the cases in advance and to be able to analyse them in my own way and then understand how that relates to the cycles and segments approach. From my perspective, everything about this session worked.  The content was useful, it was good value and great fun. Thank you for your clear instructions and for all the work behind the scenes always done in a cheerful and prompt manner!
     – Christine Kavanagh RS Hom (England)

Thank you and love it. Also keeps me inspired when I need it most!
     – Anne McClenon ND (Plymouth, MA)

Great course/great teachers who have improved my understanding of homeopathy beyond measure. I appreciate a deeper level of understanding of how this knowledge relates to our world, and it just keeps getting better – there is no end to the learning process. Thank you so very, very much!
     – Nancy Mattesen DVM (Stafford Springs, CT)

Love the sessions, look forward to the next set.
      – Mary Hughson BS, MBA (Ontario, NY)

It was very informative. Great cases and I am learning a lot. Thank you so much.
     – Audrey Cremer-Thursby RN, BSN, CHom (Erie, CO)

I would say that after taking both the virtual clinical case weekend classes and the full NESH course again virtually – it has been amazing. I’m incredibly grateful for a virtual way to connect and take these classes.
      – Meredith Murray ND (Exeter, NH)

I am so delighted to be able to continue learning from such wise and wonderful teachers. I always admire how many lives you have helped and how many ripples of good you have sent out in the world through your work with both patients and practitioners. Thank you also for helping make the world a better place for us all, especially during these very stressful and uncertain times. Thank you for always presenting such interesting cases and helping all your students better understand Cycles and Segments, and why patients repeat behaviors. I am grateful to be your student.
     – Donna El Haber (Vista, CA)

You guys are great! I appreciate how busy your lives are and appreciate your devotion to teaching. Thanks so much for your hard work!
    – Sean Congdon ND (Seattle, WA)

Thank you! Wonderful conversations, and material. So helpful. This is by far one of the best classes I have ever taken. I don’t want it to end!
     – Kerry McCaslin (Oak Harbor, WA)