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Comments about NESH from the Naturopathic Community

Here is what practicing ND’s and ND students have had to say over the years about studying classical homeopathy with Drs. Amy Rothenberg & Paul Herscu and The New England School of Homeopathy: 

Nushka Kassem ND, LAc – San Ramon, CA

“I have Doctor’s degree in Naturopathic medicine, a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, I have studied Classical Chinese Medicine extensively with the Daoist Master Dr. Jeffery Yuen, do a lot of kinesiology testing and treatments based on testing in my office, as well as IV therapies.

With all of the modalities and subjects I have learned, I am finding that the homeopathic education I am receiving with Dr. Paul Herscu and Dr. Amy Rothenberg, to be life changing. You will be amazed by the effects the correct remedy will have on your patients. I have seen nothing work faster, in an incredibly comprehensive fashion (body, mind, spirit), and without side effects.

This course has been one of the best investments I’ve made in time and money. If you are interested in changing the world by optimizing the health of your patients, even without in person treatments, and would like a specific system that facilitates proper remedy selection, you will love this course.”

Anne Van Couvering ND, LMT – Montpelier, Vermont

“I am just finishing the NESH class with Paul and Amy – I think it’s some of the best education I have EVER had, not just in homeopathy, but on naturopathic medicine, practice management, patient care, etc. That said, the homeopathy education is superlative – I feel so much more confident with being able to find a remedy and repertorize, knowledge of small remedies, pattern recognition for polychrests, understanding how to dose, when to redose, how to evaluate for follow up, how to repertorize while patients are in front of you, etc. etc. – in all, a far more in depth and supported understanding of HOW to do homeopathy in practice. I am SO happy that I took this course, I feel that it has made me a much better doctor. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Chris Chlebowski ND, DC – Ashland, OR

“Amy, maybe I haven’t expressed to you and Paul yet how important your work has been to me. I can honestly say it is the most important thing I have done in medicine, not homeopathy, but all of medicine. Your training has changed the way I practice. You have made me a much better doctor. You’ve not only taught me how to prescribe homeopathically, but how to evaluate any therapeutic I use in a logical and systematic way so that I can truly gauge the direction of cure.

Something I also wanted to say but I wasn’t sure how to express it was that it is you and Paul as people that make the class so great. Both your experiences as partners and parents, as well as doctors, is what keeps me coming back. I trust the two of you and that is so important in a mentor. You are both real people and you aren’t afraid to show warts and all. I know I can relax and just soak in the knowledge because I don’t have to filter where it is coming from.”

Richard Mann ND (written when he was 
Chair of Homeopathy at Bastyr University WA)

“Paul Herscu is one of the guiding lights of contemporary homeopathy. He is a gifted prescriber and teacher who has forged a brilliant new system for the consistent and effective application of our healing art. Dr. Herscu has built his system upon the foundations of our homeopathic heritage, creating a method that is dynamic and relevant for our times. I highly recommend his seminars for anyone seeking to increase their success in practice.”

Lysanji Edson ND 
- Portland, OR (written as NCNM Homeopathy Faculty)

“The NESH course provided me with a greatly increased understanding of not only homeopathy and medicine overall, but of humanity. It made me a better physician and homeopath – and it made me a better human being. What a rare opportunity indeed. Though Paul and Amy apply the same principles of homeopathic practice, their personalities and styles are quite different. Having an opportunity to learn from both of them – their writing, teaching, and especially their case taking and analysis – allows each student to begin to see how an individual style can develop and inform one’s capacity as a homeopath. This course was a place I made life long friends. About the Herscu Letter, which I began to receive as a student and have subscribed to through the years – over 120 issues thus far, I continue to be amazed at the astonishingly comprehensive homeopathic education it provides.”

Jeanne Fuqua ND, LAc – W. Hartford, CT

“Before I took this course, I read a testimonial from a previous NESH student. The person said that this course, and studying with Paul and Amy made them a better doctor, and human being. I took the course (twice!) and found no exaggeration in that statement. Indeed I became a better homeopath, but I also became a better doctor. My skills, improved. Skills in homeopathic medicine yes, but also skills not so easily taught to us in school. I learned to be a better listener. I learned to think more broadly for my patients. I learned to be more compassionate. Homeopathy taught me to let go of some of my judgments (that I didn’t know I had) and really see the patient as they are. By the incredible conversations with brilliant minds in the classes, I have many more resources to offer my patients. I am a better teacher to my patients. I have a more complete understanding of the holism of homeopathy, and of humans, and can apply that to my life and my patients’ lives. I did not learn that in homeopathy classes in naturopathic medical school. I learned nuances of patient care from Amy and Paul, that come from their thirty years of practice. Their school, and my time in it remain a highlight of my educational experiences. I very frequently share information with patients that came out of those classes – homeopathic and other. I am grateful to Paul for is his encouragement to be more responsible in how I practice so as not to unnecessarily stress the medical system of our country. Something I hadn’t even considered before. He taught that, but then Paul and Amy, possibly without even realizing it, gave practical steps in how to do that – how to give excellent care to patients and to be responsible to the medical system, our patients and the world.”

Sheila Frodermann ND – 
Providence, RI

“Even after six years of study, four at the graduate level, and hundreds of hours on homeopathic clinic shifts, our science of homeopathy was a mere sea of confusion; I used it little in my own practice. Within a few classes, the NESH course enhanced my understanding and knowledge of homeopathy exponentially. Using the Herscu Cycles and Segments way of prescribing has given me richer understanding of our remedies as well as confidence in prescribing and following a case. I now use homeopathy daily in my practice. This course is a must for anyone who wishes to improve their accuracy in prescribing as well as their efficiency in locating the top 3-5 remedies in any case.”

Ethan Rohde ND/ MSAOM candidate 2016 (Bastyr University WA)

“NESH has been without a doubt the most exciting and inspiring part of my education while at Bastyr.”

Rosia Parrish 
ND Student – Bastyr University WA

“Hi Dr. Rothenberg, I wanted to let you know that NESH is my favorite class. It has helped me tremendously to understand myself, my family, my friends, and patients. I also just started reading your book, The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice – I love how much you love our medicine – I can feel it in your writing (and I’m still only in the intro!).”

Lara Thompson ND – Kirkland, WA (written while an ND student at Bastyr University WA)

“After completing an incredible educational experience this weekend, I am left humbled and inspired. Thanks to naturopathic physicians Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg for their homeopathic wisdom and caring spirits. Our profession wouldn’t be the same without you two!”

Emilie Wilson ND – Seattle, WA

“Thank you for making learning homeopathy an amazing experience! This medicine is amazing: I am reminded of that so often, especially lately.”

Brooke Beck ND – Camas, WA

“Greetings!!!! I took this 8 week course while I was a student at NCNM. And it was LIFE changing! I loved it so much and boosted my Homeopathy LOVE! I have since taken a path that has slowed me down and I desperately want to get back into my practice and love of homeopathy. I have been wanting to retake the course. I look forward to hearing from you soon!”

Angie Lemke ND – Santa Monica, CA (written as ND student at Bastyr University WA)

“NESH has been fundamental to my development of a holistic framework for understanding health and disease, expanding and deepening upon the philosophy courses I received as a naturopathic student. It is a framework that I use not only with homeopathy but with other aspects of medicine, keeping me somewhat grounded by helping me filter all the information coming at me as a student. Amy and Paul also keep the classes fun and entertaining and through them, I have developed a passion for homeopathy and greater appreciation of the many facets of human nature.”

Ruth Galbraith ND – 
Jaffrey, NH 
(written when she was NHAND President)

“I had been studying homeopathy for nearly 4 years when I entered the NESH 2 Year Course. What I’m learning has helped me synthesize all the information that came before. The system of Cycles and Segments has simplified my case taking and repertorization process immensely. I feel I am truly looking at the whole person now when I work on a case. Amy and Paul are both captivating lecturers, and I find myself looking forward to each weekend course with great anticipation! Long after the lecture, I remember the pearls.”

Robert Brody ND – Bridgeport, CT

“NESH really takes the mystery out of homeopathic prescribing. NESH teaches you the essence of the remedy instead of random keynotes. While these keynotes are important NESH explains why they are important to the whole person. It makes homeopathy a more holistic treatment modality. I highly recommend it. I learned a lot at NESH and I look forward to my next class with them.”

Ashly Benson ND – Portland, OR

“I believe homeopathy to be the modality that truly embodies the spirit of Naturopathic medicine. Of all the treatments learned, it is the most non-invasive, low cost, long lasting and whole person treatment I’ve been exposed to. NESH has been one of the greatest uses of my time since entering Naturopathic medical school. Outside of learning the Cycles and Segments approach and materia medica, this class has taught me a new way of looking at patients and people in general. NESH gives you the tools to ask the important questions that get to the heart of the issue for a patient, it teaches you to recognize patterns and helps you to see the different ways in which people interact with their outside world. I always leave a session feeling revitalized and so grateful that I’ve taken this path.”

Anne McClenon ND – Plymonth, MA

“Just want to say how great it is to be included in the class. Amy and Paul’s system addresses some of the major things that kept me from using more homeopathy. Tons of memorization of things I don’t use much and awkwardness in integrating a homeopathic case with a naturopathic case. Most importantly for me, this system makes taking a case very easy to be comfortable, educational and healing for the patient. I have been using a limited number of remedies that I know rather than trying to memorize what has seemed like a lot of unrelated factoids. I am excited to use more remedies. Taking a case this way will also help me to fine tune my case taking in a way that I really appreciate. It focuses on both stressors and responses – I can easily use this to emphasize what is working as well as what can be tweaked.”

Taylor Seier ND – Surrey, British Columbia:

“Refining ones skills and learning how to apply homeopathy in an effective manner in practice not only serves to increase your rates of homeopathic treatment success, but also integrates appropriate condition management to determine if a patient is on a path to recovery or further disease through suppressive means. NESH provides a foundation for assessing a patient’s condition in general and to determine the path of healing that is required for success. Knowing a rhythm of an illness allows not only prevention of future disease, but also treatments that are more specific and appropriate rather than palliation and suppression.”

Allison Willette RN, ND – Hadley, MA

“This course was so helpful to me and my homeopathic practice. I found my case taking improved, and my understanding of remedies improved, as well as how to use keynotes as clues rather than thinking of them as the whole case. Re-learning how to look for patterns as well as the history, and making of remedies has given my practice a fresh breath. Now I get it why many folks take this course more than once! Just the lecture about misaims alone was worth the price of admission! Highly recommended.”

Wendy Leigh White ND – Hamden, CT

“I can second the usefulness of the class 🙂 Homeopathy has always resonated with me, but this series really gave me something to dive deeply into, refine my skills, increase my confidence and make a difference for my patients through homeopathy!”

Kristaps Paddock ND – Baltimore, MD

“I’ll third that thumbs up. Paul and Amy are fantastic teachers and have shaped not only my practice of homeopathy but my practice of naturopathic medicine in general. I learned so much the first time I took it twice! Very highly recommended.”

Julie Forbes ND – North Bridgton, ME

“I have the utmost respect and admiration for you and Paul. This class inspired me to become a Naturopath and I have never regretted it both times I took the class! I hope you continue for many years to offer this important learning experience to enable NDs in particular to be able to practice successfully using the modality that sets us apart from all the many alternative/integrative/holistic/functional medicine etc. practitioners out there and most importantly is at the crux of our medicine, by supporting the vital force. Thank you both!”

Michael Kane ND – 
New Haven, CT

“Dear Amy and Paul,

I wanted to thank you for an incredible experience. I specifically wanted to thank you for a few things:

  1. Seeing how you work with patients. You have the ability to adapt and step outside of yourself in the way a good actor takes on a role. I think this is an incredible skill that I have rarely seen, so clearly.
  2. Information – providing us with a way to fit things into a model was so exciting for me. I only wish I had gotten that years ago. You have an incredible ability to see the big picture, while paying attention to each detail.
  3. Your excitement and passion is contagious. It made it so easy to sit for hours and hours, eager for more and more interesting information.
  4. Modeling being a homeopath was important for me to see, but more importantly the modeling of your life, allowing us into your space, home and community has given me a model of a way to be in life that is of incredible value.
  5. Thank you for being so patient, and playful, I had a great time each session.
  6. Amy, I have taken classes since being out of school in other settings, but never have I felt so embraced and cared for. You get asked a lot of the questions that people have, your manner is so welcoming and enthusiastic it cannot help but make it easier for all of us. You have a gift of welcoming people as evidenced each Saturday night when we all made our selves at home in your home! You provided the comfort and guidance that made the difficult and questioning times much easier to deal with. You provided insight, perspective and logic to the repertory exercises for which I will be forever grateful.”

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