New England School of Homeopathy

Vol. 8, No. 2 – Fall/Winter 1999

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Shane Hinze, CEO Apotheca Naturale, AAHP Member

Didi A Rucira, Africa Volunteers


Lab Values in Blood Dyscrasias: Do Rubrics Matter?
Mark Gobel BS Med Tech, Lysanji Edson ND, Eric Doerfler CRNP, MSN, Todd Hoover MD


Difficult Cases: Frustrating Ordeals or Learning Experiences?  (case of Depression, Treated with Cenchris)
Frank Gruber MD

A Cenchris Case  (case of Bladder symptoms, treated with Cenchris)
George Keeler MD

Panic in Pregnancy  (case of Pregnancy/ Migraines, treated with Lachesis)
Jane Greene CNM

Once Bitten, Twice Shy  (case of Neurological Symptoms, treated with Lachesis)
Cristopher Ryan MD

A Bothrops Case  (case of Stroke, treated with Bothrops)
Alan Greenberg DC

Moving the Refrigerator, a Lachesis Case  (case of Worrier, treated with Lachesis)
Alan Greenberg DC

Aphasia After a Stroke  (case of Aphasia, treated with Bothrops)
Greg Bedayn CCH, Paul Herscu ND

Infertility: Can Homeopathy Make it Alone?   (case of Infertility, treated with Kali carbonicum)
Alf T. Andreassen Hom NAN

A Case of Chronic Prostatitis  (case of Prostatitis, treated with Selenium)
John Coppinger DO

Angina Pectoris (case of Angina Pectoris, treated with Digitalis)
E. B. Nash MD

Asperger Syndrome: What is It? Can Homeopathy Help?  (case of Asperger Syndrome, treated with Stramonium)
Amy Rothenberg ND


Bothrops lanceolatus
Paul Herscu ND


Hunter, Hahnemann and the Origin of Homeopathy
Peter Morrell

The Cranial-Sacral Model and the Fulcrum Concept as they Relate to the Herscu Materia Medica Cycle in Homeopathy
Dane Shepherd DO

Fluid Model of Homeopathy
Dane Shepherd DO, Fabio Lugo MD

Osteopathy in Real Life and How Homeopathy Can Help
Dane Shepherd DO with clinical data from Fabio Lugo MD


A Naturopathic Approach to Lowering Cholesterol
Lysanji Edson ND

Homeopathic Word Puzzle
Betty Nelson HMC


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