New England School of Homeopathy

Ordering Back Issues

Back Issues that are currently available

How much do they cost?

How do I order them?

What if I want a copy of an issue or article that isn’t available?

Back issues that are currently available:

Vol 3 – No. 1. Winter 1994 – QUANTITIES LIMITED
Vol 7 – No. 1. Spring/Summer 1998
Vol 8 – No. 1. Spring/Summer 1999
Vol 8 – No. 2. Fall/Winter1999 – SOLD OUT
Vol 9 – No. 1. Spring/Summer 2000
Vol 9 – No. 2. Fall/Winter 2000
Vol 10 – No. 1. Spring/Summer 2001


How much do they cost?

USA only
Single issues published quarterly:
Vol 3 – No. 1. $12

Double issues published twice a year:

Vol 7 – No. 1. $20
Vol 8 – No. 1. $20
Vol 9 – No. 1. $20
Vol 9 – No. 2 $20
Vol. 10 No.1 $20


Please make sure your check or money orders are drawn upon US funds.
We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Note for U.S. orders: All Back Issues of NEJH are sent out by U.S. Media Mail (takes 7 – 14 days). If you would like to receive your order sooner than that, contact us about rates for Priority Mail.


How do I order them?
To order back issues, please contact us at:

Foundation for Homeopathic Education, Inc.
356 Middle Street
Amherst, MA 01002 USA

Tel: (413) 256-5949 – Fax: (860) 253-5041

You can describe your order via Email, but for security reasons do not include your detailed payment information.

With your order please include payment in full and the following information:

Full Name
Complete Mailing Address
Daytime Phone Number
Email Address
back issue(s) you would like to order

and if you are paying by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express):

Credit Card Number
Expiration Date
Your Signature


What if I want a copy of an issue or article that isn’t available?
Most of our back issues since 1992 – 1996 have sold out. We realize however that you might still like a copy of some of the articles or entire issues that we have published over the years.

If you would like a copy of an entire issue, the price would be the same as the price of the back issue.

Back issue prices:

Volume 1 No. 1 – Vol. 6 No. 1 (October 1992 – Winter – January 1997)
single issues that we publish quarterly

In the USA only: $12

Volume 6 No. 2/3 – Volume 10 No.1 (Spring/Summer 1997 – Spring/Summer 2001)
double issues that we publish twice a year

In the USA only: $20

If you would like to purchase a specific article(s):

$5.00 minimum charge per order – plus – 50¢ per page after 10 pages. Additional shipping charges may apply for outside the US depending on # of pages ordered.

Upon ordering copies, please let us know the name of the article(s) that you would like copies of and the volume number(s) where the article can be found. Please note that we only provide copies of individual articles if we have sold out of the original back issue. See listing at top of page for available back issues.