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Over the years, our students and alumni have represented a vast diversity of both professional and homeopathic experience. We’ve been honored to teach nurses as part of that group since our very first classes in the late 1980s. Nurses are often the first line of care for family members and patients alike, trained to understand people and create a nurturing environment. Nothing complements homeopathy more and over the years NESH alum nurses have been some of our most wonderful providers.

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What Nurses Have to Say about Studying with NESH:

“Homeopathy is a vast, confusing study. The beauty of the NESH classes is that relevant information (including theory, materia medica, repertory, live and video cases, understanding of the patient and oneself) is presented in an organized way, based on Paul’s elegant Cycles and Segments model. This model is an evolution of sound classical homeopathic principles of the past, and coordinates with a RADAR computer component that brings homeopathy into the future.

Best of all is that Paul and Amy are fabulous teachers, insightful clinicians, humble, funny, and theatrical when explaining a nuance. They draw on many years of experience with stunning anecdotal stories to imprint the remedy picture into students’ minds. Their object is that students learn the teacher’s process to find the correct remedy rather than just be in awe of the teacher’s knowledge.

Newcomer to expert homeopath can benefit from the information offered here and find a framework to make sense of the puzzle of homeopathy. These classes give me confidence that I can use homeopathy professionally and beneficially for patients in the future and share its gentle healing ability with many more people.”

Vina Miller, RN

“My study with Dr. Herscu brought my understanding of homeopathy to a new level. The classic theoretical points of the science were put into sharper focus, and his theory of Cycles and Segments helped to rationalize my ongoing study of materia medica.
The system of Cycles and Segments provides an elegant explanation for homeopathic proving data that otherwise seems contradictory. The result is case taking and prescribing that goes beyond “pattern recognition” and offers the potential to move classical homeopathy to a higher level of reliability in practice. I have certainly found that to be the case in my practice. I now recommend study with at NESH to all serious students of classical homeopathy.”

Eric Doerfler, NP, MSN, CCH

“Refining ones skills and learning how to apply homeopathy in an effective manner in practice not only serves to increase your rates of homeopathic treatment success, but also integrates appropriate condition management to determine if a patient is on a path to recovery or further disease through suppressive means. NESH provides a foundation for assessing a patient’s condition in general and to determine the path of healing that is required for success. Knowing a rhythm of an illness allows not only prevention of future disease, but also treatments that are more specific and appropriate rather than palliation and suppression.”

– Allison Willette RN, ND

“I am enthusiastically excited about getting my practice up and running in earnest. I feel really fortunate to have chosen NESH … I think the cycles and segments approach is the most rationale, comprehensive and accurate way to find the remedy, and it pulls together all the random bits of homeopathic information I was storing in my brain, so thanks to you both!”

– Patricia Mattingly, RN MSN NP

“I have had the privilege of attending Dr. Herscu’s postgraduate course in Homeopathy. Experiencing his clear, in depth understanding and portrayal of homeopathy and the materia medica has been most valuable. His explanations are insightful and clear, enabling students to rise to a much greater understanding of this profound art and science.”

– Kerrie Leibendorfer, RN


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