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Advanced Clinical Class Weekends for NESH Alum

Once you have studied with NESH and have a solid foundation in Cycles and Segments, we offer Clinical Class Weekends where all the work, study and time together can come to fruition. The other added benefit is that you get to meet other Cycles and Segmentarians from around the country and abroad. This Clinical Course is offered only to those individuals who have completed a full NESH program either in Amherst, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Florida, or abroad.

If you are not a NESH alum, see our complete teaching schedule for other opportunities to study with Drs. Herscu & Rothenberg.

Our vision is to bring you together to strengthen your skills and confidence in the practice of homeopathy. In that process, we hope to help foster a sense of loving community and support, and to create a stronger network of Cycles and Segments thinkers so that you will have others to share (homeopathic) successes and frustrations with in the years to come.

In these classes Drs. Herscu and Rothenberg see patients in person – some new, some return, where one of them takes the case and work is done in small groups to do the analyses.  Sometimes more than one patient at a time is seen and we break into smaller groups. Amy & Paul, along with the student participants, analyze the case, repertorize and come up with appropriate remedies. Paul or Amy always weighs in with their thoughts and the person who brought the patient into class remains the primary caregiver. The goal is to get lots of experience seeing differing pathologies, different remedy types and a consistent, predictable, reinforcing model of Cycles & Segments thinking and practice.

Participants will have the opportunity to bring in patients to class (either live, by video, or in the form of paper cases), for help both with your own case-taking/case analysis as well as input from us and other more experienced practitioners. We continue to teach materia medica as relevant and to work on elements of philosophy and long term follow-up care. Lectures relate to patients at hand, current epidemics or other timely topics. And of course, we try to offer up other musings related to life in and out of the clinic.

Members of this class are invited to join the ListServ which is quite active and open only to current and former Clinical Class participants where cases are posted, questions asked and participants share responses and feedback. Amy & Paul want to help you take whatever next steps you need in order to bring quality homeopathic care to those in need.

Read what our alum have had to say about these advanced clinical class.

Schedule for 2019 NESH Advanced Clinical Class Weekends:

Topic for all three weekends: The Ins and Outs of Chronic Disease. There are many challenges to treating those with chronic illness and multiple complex diseases. From where to focus your attention, to how to establish realistic prognoses and to how to handle patients over time, we will tackle your questions and challenges illustrated through the patients we see.

2019 East Coast Classes – Amherst, MA

#1 – April 26-28, 2019        Share on Facebook
#2 – November 15-17, 2019

2019 West Coast Clinical Class – Portland, OR

#1 – November 9-10, 2019

Upcoming Schedule:

East Coast Clinical Classes in Amherst, Massachusetts:
May 29-31, 2020
November 13-15, 2020
April 23-25, 2021

Contact us for more details.  It is also good for us to know you are interested, so that we can keep you updated when we have further information about class scheduling and logistical details.

In addition, Dr. Rothenberg is now offering case supervision to those practitioners and students who have completed the NESH Two Year Class. She also offers sessions where you can just ask general homeopathy questions, one-to-one, either by phone or by email.

And remember as a NESH Two Year Class alum, for those of you interested in taking it again as several folks have done over the years, repeating it is half price. NESH will be offering our 8 Weekend Course in the Seattle, WA area beginning January 2020 and will also begin a 10 Weekend Course in Amherst, Massachusetts in the fall of 2020.

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